1. Kel

    This is a great time to start doing it. As kids get older (we have 5 kids, ages almost 3 to 10) they want to do more things in the summer like golf and soccer. We still swim at the sub pool and buy a zoo pass, but there’s definitely more cost with snacking and eating more at home (and out) and activities. We do try to find a balance though of keeping busy and lazy days at home working on curriculum for school and playing outside and we just budget more for summer.

    • I love the idea of doing a blend of things and also of increasing your summer budget. Luckily, we don’t have to pay for childcare in the summer, so we’ve put most of that money in our son’s 529, but we’ve also padded our budget 😉

      I can imagine the expenses are only going to grow. He’s having so much fun at this little tumbling class that I had to resist from signing him up for everything the park district offers!

  2. My favorite thing to do in the summer? Sit at home and hide from the 100+ degree temps outside. Blech. Though technically that still costs me money because the HVAC us on and running. Hmmm…

    But seriously I don’t think I do much that’s free these days, unfortunately. Trivia is technically free, but readers got up in arms when I wrote about not buying anything at the restaurants holding said trivia nights. So now I buy something each time I go to support the venue. And that’s my big deal for most weeks.

    I’m have gone/will be going on a bunch of dates — here’s hoping I get a fun post out of it — so technically the only time I’m spending there is if I Uber to the date so that I can drink.

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