1. We try our best to get hand me downs from various sources but their are times that we just buy them at the store, it just happens because we like it for our boys and also because our eldest one really wants it…especially when it comes to toys.

  2. Mary

    I often tell myself that we need to minimize the things that I buy for my children (3 year old boy and 10 months old girl) but I don’t seem to take that by heart because most of the time, the impulse to buy wins over me. Just like the last time that I was at the mall, I went to the bookstore to buy art materials which I know will just remain in the drawer for months. Or worse, it will be tossed around by my kids all over the house. I am a full time working mama and it really is exhausting to find a cluttered house after a long tiring day at work. So I have committed again (for the nth time), to do a one major declutter, and then declutter regularly after that.

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