1. My mom always sends funny cards with her gifts, which I like. But yeah, I’ll cop to liking gifts more than the cards generally. Still, cards show that some thought went into the process, which can be nice.

    I’m glad so many of your students’ parents are giving. Teachers more than deserve it!

  2. Books. Books, books, books! Typically, the card given with the book I give as a gift contains the thought process & why they are receiving such a book. 🙂 How thoughtful to take the time to write a letter to those parents – very sincere!

  3. The cards really depend on the person giving it. I’m terrible at cards myself, but some people are massively excellent at it. My favorite from this year: the Merry T-Rexmas card our friends made. They’re not religious but they do the best holiday things.

    Gifts are also really dependent on the person and what it is. If you know me or actually asked me what I wanted, then of course I’m likely to like the gift. But I’m generally very picky because I’m anti-clutter and anti-things just to have things so the “hey why not” sorts of gifts are not preferred and I try to rehome them ASAP.

  4. I didn’t know you taught middle school! I’m not sure which grade I thought you taught, but middle school is tough. Even more kudos to you and the kids are especially lucky to have you at this angst-and-hormone-fueled age.
    This year I wish you more of those special glimpses into genuine childhood smiles and sneak-peaks of maturity indicating the solid adults they will become.
    Happy holidays.

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