1. Yes! Thanks for posting this again. I appreciated reading it the other day when I was irritated by those same posts.

    For me, it’s never been about the item. With kids, it’s great to get the hand-written cards because they can’t help but splash their personality all over the page.

  2. Thanks for posting this today Penny. I was seeing a lot of tweets about the subject and I felt a little down. My family did not have much when I was growing up. But my parents appreciated my teachers so much (I did too). So my mom and I would spend so many hours making pastries. It was my mom’s way of showing her appreciation in an economical way. We would make empanadas and cookies. My dad and I were in charge of unshelling the pecans that fell from our pecan tree. Honestly, so much love went into the baked goods.

    So I started to feel bad about the gifts I gave my teachers…because we could not afford gift cards for all my teachers. If I felt bad (I’m 28), imagine the kids that saw the tweets who were not planning on gifting gift cards because maybe their families cannot afford the gift cards or because they think baked goods are an excellent way of showing appreciation.

    I for one love getting baked goods as gifts.

    So again, thank you. Thank you for being a teacher because I had amazing teachers. Thank you for being appreciative.

    • Oh my! That sounds like a fantastic gift!

      The fact that anyone expects someone to spend money on them is just bananas to me. That pressure is unfair and unnecessary.

    • Donna

      I would take the empanadas or cookies or pastries over the gift card ANY day. I can get a bazillion gift cards at the local grocery stores. Home baked goodies??? Much harder to come by.

  3. Karen

    Breaks my heart to think any teacher would post negative sentiments about gifts from students. As as teacher, I appreciate any gesture. I do tend to keep notes that are written to me, when I’m down or frustrated, I read them over, which can actually refocus me. And yes, the chance to learn and laugh side by side with a child is the most precious gift.

  4. We used to feel SUCH a great deal of pressure to provide great teacher gifts but because we hardly had any money we couldn’t afford storebought presents. My mom always cooked amazing meals for them, I often wondered if they were appreciated. We don’t do a great job of teacher gifts now, I need to plan ahead way better for teacher gifts than I do at the moment.

    • Meals are amazing. I had a parent bring me a tray of brownies to parent teacher conferences one year, and I’ll never forget it. It’s 4 hours of nonstop talking, usually without even a bathroom break, after teaching all day. It was SUCH a kind gesture.

  5. Paige

    Yes!! This! I am a preschool teacher, and I get amazing gifts, to a sweet hand-written card to nothing. Anything that is given, I appreciate. I don’t expect anything, ever, especially this time of year when people are already doing so much for their own families. I get so upset when I see fellow teachers bashing gifts, calling them useless, etc. Nowhere does it say “you must provide Christmas gifts for teachers”, less alone target and amazon gift cards. So, again, thank you for this wonderful post!

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