1. Love this! We’d love more submissions to Women Who Money (and actually now to the other site we had planned – Women’s Money Talk!) That’s where we will be sharing women’s posts and having the directories link and money blog feed! It is really hard to read through all the posts each week. Have a great one? Share it with us! We’ll pass it along too! Thanks for all you do, Penny! SO happy to call you my friend!

  2. Penny, you are an amazing person! And also way too hard on yourself. But I love this vow and I promise to do the same. It’s so important to support one another and it speaks volumes of how amazing this community is given that I’ve been able to find half of the bloggers (now friends) that I have.

    You have knocked so much out of the park, lately. We are not worthy!

    • Amazing? Maybe. Hard on myself? Duh!

      But really, this week has been so eyeopening. If I see a problem, I have to work to fix it, right? Thanks for all of your encouragement and friendship and strength, Alyssa <3

  3. Penny, you’re awesome-sauce. You should give yourself a little more credit for the work you’ve put into bolstering female voices in the personal finance community. Its one of the reasons I love your blog!

    One other way to bolster other blogs would be to create a page on your site with your favourite ones? Like a permanent directory? One of my favourite simple living bloggers has one on her site and I’m thinking of doing one up for mine. Its a small way to pay homage to other bloggers.

    • I love that idea, Britt! My only problem is what I faced when I tried to do #FollowFriday last week. I tried to send a shoutout to the 406 people I follow. And I ran out of Friday by person 48. So I guess I live in fear of leaving people off!

      • kddomingue

        I don’t know very much about the mechanics of blogging or working with computer programs/algorithms (?) but couldn’t you start with person 49 the following Friday? And maybe do 20 or 25 per Friday instead of trying to work your way through the whole list?

        • Ha! It’s not the mechanics of blogging or algorithms. You give me FAR too much credit. It’s my brain that’s the problem! 😉 I type all my tweets manually. Just imagine that monkey-at-a-keyboard GIF. And you’re absolutely right. Pacing myself is the way to go! 🙂

          • kddomingue

            Oh! Sweetheart! I use what my husband refers to as the “hunt and peck” method of typing, lol! I don’t know how to post a link to something and was excited to the point of tears the first time that I managed to send an email to someone…..and that wasn’t so very long ago! But, yes Dearest, pace yourself. It doesn’t have to all be done NOW. I know that when I have an epiphany of some kind, I feel like I have to act on it and do all the things IMMEDIATELY. But your shout outs will be more thoughtful, deep and meaningful if you don’t rush through one to get to the next one, yes?

  4. I absolutely love the leadership/imitative you are taking with helping others get recognized! Using your blog as a platform to lift others is wonderful, and I definitely need to take a tip from you in doing the same on mine.

    Unfortunately I don’t know of any other platforms, other than the ones you have already mentioned. I have heard that reddit does have a pretty good forum for personal finance, but I have never quite dived into that arena yet.

    Keep up the inspirational work!

    • Thank you, Sean! Reddit scares the bejeezus out of me, but if I can brave the waters of Facebook and essential oils, I can probably handle Reddit, right?!

  5. Lauren

    Do you have any female personal finance podcast recommendations? I’d love to listen if one exists. Thanks for your sharing and writing!

  6. I applaud you for bringing this topic to light and then doing something about it. There are definitely voices that need to be heard more in personal finance, including women, people of color, and those in the LGBTQ community.

    You’ve listed some great ways to help amplify those voices. Another way is nominating someone for one of the personal finance blogger awards at the WFL Project (https://www.wefindlenders.com/blog/).

    Thanks for all you do!

  7. Have you thought about doing interviews on personal finance podcasts as a platform? I’m sure that they would be more than happy to let you recognize that coolness of other people, blogs and groups that needs to be heard.
    So great of you for taking the initiative to helping more people in the PF community be recognized. It’s so awesome to be part of this community and many should be recognized more.

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