1. Janet

    I would love to read the book. My husband is a teacher and has gone through a similar path but his district has very low pay for a high cost of living.

    • That is so frustrating to be in that situation. My husband’s district actually only just started offering prescription coverage with their health insurance. Very affluent town, very poor benefits and pay. 🙁

  2. Emily

    I haven’t read I Will Teach You To Be Rich yet but I’d love to!
    Hope your summer and adjustment to the new little one is going well!

  3. Chelsey Moss

    I can’t believe they wouldn’t let you work another job while doing student teaching. How impossible and unreasonable!

    • I certainly hope it’s changed now. It really does seem impossible! I felt so guilty the whole time I worked, but what other choice did I have?!

  4. Eric

    My wife and I teach (her high school, me formerly Jr high, now I am a teacher educator) and we want to be rich as well. It is not easy with the relatively low salaries and 3 kids in daycare, but it is so worth it. I think we might live in the same state based on the pension funding level you shared. My wife is tier 2 so her benefits were already slashed. Still hoping to get something from it!

    I will teach you to be rich is probably my favorite book on finances. Great giveaway!

    • Oh no! I’m in Illinois, and I think it’s so wrong what they did with the pension tiers. My husband made the cut off for Tier 1 by maybe three months. We felt SO fortunate. I hope you all definitely still get something from the pension system!

  5. Patti

    Agree, agree, agree. Such interesting thoughts about teachers and money. A longtime teacher, and I’ve only recently started to learn about money and all the possibilities. I’d love a copy of this book. 🙂

  6. What’s great is that almost every working American has the opportunity to become rich. Some may reach it faster or slower than others but the point is that almost every working American can become rich.

    However, only like 6.6% are millionaires. People need to be much more educated about money!

    • I strongly suspect we make “rich” and “millionaire” have such negative connotations…but most people really are going to want millionaire status to retire comfortably in 30-40 years!

  7. Jason

    I wish the same. I am an older teacher and wish to be rich (depending on a person’s definition). I am getting there.

    • That’s awesome that you’re getting there. And you’re right–how rich is defined could definitely be a conversation in and of itself!

  8. Debbie

    I helped my daughter set up retirement benefits a few years ago when she was hired in Illinois—-and what a discrepancy between Tiers! Tier 1 has unheard of benefits, especially the annual 3% COLA.

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