1. Oh Penny! What a great post!! There is a lot to think about here. And I’ve been all over the place in thinking about what role a side hustle should serve in my life right now. It’s hard to know if you’re moving towards “success” if you let someone else define it for you. I am going to try to publish my random thoughts on this next week (in my first non-SEO’d post in a long time). I think for me, I don’t want a “side hustle” as much as I want to help people and as much as I want to create things. I just need to find a way to do those things within the confines of my life right now. And I have no idea how much I should give up to move some of those goals forward. I guess I’m lucky to be able to consider these self actualization questions. To get back to your question- I think I’d consider a side hustle a success if it adds to your life more than it takes away from it. And there’s lots of ways they add and take away.

  2. This is beautiful. What happened to hobbies? Why can’t we just do something because we love it without trying to make money from it? Why do we spend every minute in the quest for more?

  3. As someone who has traditionally been resistant to the idea of side hustling (largely due to concern about burn out/eroding all my free time), I found this take really refreshing. As far as how side hustling fits into my life right now…I’m still figuring that out, honestly. One thing I do know is that I definitely am not looking to six-figure side-hustle right now, so there’s that. But making a few extra bucks to cover an expense? I wouldn’t complain about that!

  4. My main benchmark is covering a certain expense! I’m also trying to up my effective hourly rate. But I need to get more serious about time tracking, in order to do that… LOL.

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