1. We haven’t gotten a check, but we have been giving to charities– charities for local immigrant populations who won’t be getting any government benefits, local food banks, emergency money fund for students at my uni, etc.

  2. We spent the money on trees and landscaping. However we were planning to spend that money so I’m not sure this counts. The stimulus money probably caused us to shop around for prices less than usual.

    I am thinking of paying our part time nanny for another week. We were able to give her 1 week paid as Christmas bonus and 1 week when the crisis hit. However I feel like we could help more. I dont know what other families with childcare or cleaning help are doing. Even though we pay for part time childcare, we are not rich. It is just a priority to keep our sanity with two high needs kids.

    • That’s a really tough spot to be in. We are still paying for our cleaning service, but it’s not too difficult since it’s bi-weekly and only for a few hours.

  3. That is not a lot of money on mulch at all!! We spend that much yearly. And I think your cost per yard is very reasonable. We also bought mulch in the past month and donated to feeding America. I think your spending patterns are starting to rub off on me, which can only be a good thing!

  4. No stimulus cheque here (due to being in Canada) but I think if we did receive something like that, we would take a very similar approach — a mix of donations and…well, stimulating the economy. Hope your backyard party/bounce house dreams can come true sooner than later 🙂

  5. We already spend whatever we want to spend, we have accumulated more wealth than we will need so adding a tiny amount, $2,400, doesn’t change our ability to spend at all. It just went into our cash bucket and will stay there forever since we basically live on a zero withdrawal rate. Getting more money or seeing a drop of hundreds of thousands of dollars in our portfolio are both nonevents as far as having any impact on our spending. We will give 10% of it away as we do with all income, so I guess that counts as spending some.

  6. I spend an awful lot of time thinking about ways I could spend money so $1200 or $2400 can go VERY fast!

    I’d try to spread it out across a few weeks but since I have a whole list of places I’d been wanting to donate to, it would go *REALLY* fast: the animal shelters, local zoos, more food banks (local, regional, national), the homeless shelter, funds to help independent bookstores and other small businesses, The Human Utility to keep water on for people, and similar organizations …. That’s just right off the top of my head. We’re slowly making a dent in that list.

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