1. I’ve been looking at baked veggie chip recipes to augment our snack supply, although I’ve mainly been thinking about some sweet potatoes or carrots (thinking the sweetness might appeal to Little Bit).
    I do know if I can cook my veggies when I notice they are starting to turn can extend their life a bit, but mine usually get tossed in a soup.

    • Soups and stews are great uses for veggie scraps. I’m going to try to push myself to do more of that this winter. Do you have any favorite go-tos? Or do you just create around what’s in your fridge?

      • It’s usually just leftover soup, but I’ve noticed certain things (I’m looking at you, Brussells sprouts) just can’t go in soup without dominating the flavor profile. But Chili and spaghetti sauce can repurpose your veggies, too, as can putting them on pizzas.

  2. Roasting chick peas/garbanzo beans is a common occurrence here ever since I discovered it… and it was the same story, we had cajun seasoning we never used. 🙂

    We’ve also roasted kale into kale chips, which are incredible (we just use olive oil and salt).

    • I love kale chips. I was gifted a bag of mango habanero kale chips from Trader Joe’s…and I thought they were AWFUL. I much prefer to make my own. Cajun seasoning on everything. Ha!

      • Kale chips are so easy to make I don’t know why anyone would buy them, plus it really is good enough with salt, oil, and a few extra spices. No need to get all crazy with mango habanero this and that!

  3. I really need to go through my cupboard to cook up all the legumes sitting in there! The canned ones we buy for the zombie apocalypse, but it might be time to start diversifying our food storage. It’s getting ridiculous.

    • I’m assuming that means you use a dehydrator, right? Probably a silly question! I’m always looking for ideas to reduce food waste. We’ve gotten it pretty well under control, but that could be another story if our garden starts really producing!

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