1. Aw that’s so great that you two make the bed together! It makes it a lot quicker for sure. We usually never wake up at the same time so I tend to end up making it alone at some point later in the morning, but it’s definitely nice to do on the weekend together if we can!

    • It really is nice, even if we are both still half asleep. It’s turned my husband into more of a morning person. He gets to work much earlier than required and now marvels at how much he can get done!

  2. Kate

    I love the *look* of throw pillows, but I do have a Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston in Along Came Polly reaction to them in reality. (If you haven’t seen it, search YouTube for “Along Came Polly stabbing pillows.” It is hilarious.)

  3. I’ve heard that it’s healthier to NOT make the bed every day. It lets the sheets air out a bit and lets any sweat dry… or that’s our excuse.
    On laundry day, though, we do make the bed together and it’s a good bonding experience.
    As for throw pillows, they’re in the guest rooms but have been banished from our own bedroom.

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