Simple Switches: Easy Bathroom Organization

Easy Bathroom Organization Under SinkI spent some time this past week making space in our bathroom. No, we didn’t knock down a wall. But Hubs and I did discover a pretty clever way to make some much-needed storage space in our master bathroom. Specifically, I wanted a simple organization solution for my hair dryer and curling iron that would save space and be cost effective. 

After wasting countless hours on the timesuck otherwise known as Pinterest doing careful research, I realized that most hairdryer organizers don’t actually give you more space. Sure, they make cabinets or countertops tidier, but I’d still have to store the organizer on a piece of prime real estate somewhere in my cabinet. That’s when I realized it was time to make space where there was none. 

It sounds like a magic trick of some sort, but I promise all I had to do was get to know my bathroom vanity better. Most cabinets have false drawers–specifically one right in from of the sink–to accommodate the sink bowl and plumbing. Some kitchens have snazzy panels that tip forward to allow for storage of cleaning items like dish sponges, but I didn’t want the bathroom vanity panel to tip. I wanted it to open.

Under Sink Bathroom Storage Solution Hair Dryer

A close-up of one of the Euro hinges

So I found Euro Hinge for Sink Tip-Out Trays and a prefinished shelf board at Menards, and I put Hubs on a mission – to build a secret hideaway for diamonds and rubies millions of dollars my hairdryer and curling iron. And you know what, it worked! There was no damage to the false panel, and we did not permanently secure the board, so it’s complete removable. But why we would ever want to go back? 

The perfect storage solution for my hair dryer

As an added bonus, this under-sink storage trick only cost us about $15. It might sound a bit steep, but it’s cheaper than most of the organizers I researched and it saves me even more space. I can happily report that this is one of the best improvements we’ve made to our home…even though no one notices it besides me.

Note: Before you tackle a project like this, it’s really important to look at the plumbing and sink bowl to ensure that you have space.

So Tell Me…Would you like to know more about building a hairdryer hideaway? Do you have any cool storage solutions?


    • You’re the sweetest, Kay. It did turn out really well. I love the fact that I don’t have them sitting out or taking up tons of space in my cabinets now.

  1. Good to know. We’re at a premium for space in our “master” bathroom. I’m pretty sure they literally just converted a small walk-in closet. We have room for the vanity, toilet and shower stall, with about 6 inches between each one.

    Luckily, I don’t fuss with my hair much — and when I do it’s only a blow dryer — so I stow it in one of the drawers. But it’d be nice to have a spot to put my brushes. I have such big dreams.

    • Bah! Big dreams indeed. 🙂 I’ve definitely simplified my hair care, but it still irked me that my hair dryer took up so much space. Drawer, shelf, cabinet, it just always seemed so THERE. Now, sometimes I forget where it is. Out of sight, out of mind and all that jazz.

  2. Diane

    Thank you for this! The bathrooms in my house are so tiny, that we removed the miniature vanity from our upstairs bathroom and had a wall mounted sink installed just to feel like we could move in there! We could probably do this with the bathroom on our main floor, though. Thanks again for the clever tip!

    • We have pedestal sink in the powder room on our main floor. This hack definitely isn’t happening in there, either! I’d love to hear if you give it a try on the main floor.

  3. Great idea Penny! I love the idea of creating space where there was none before. I would like to create something similar for my dressing table where my hairdryer, straighteners and associated cables currently like to hang out right underneath it on the floor! Thanks for sharing.

    • Of course! I’d love to hear how it goes if you try it out. For just two items, they can get awfully annoying, right? 🙂 So glad they are out of sight now.

  4. Love this. Extra space (hidden or not) anywhere is one of my favorite things in a home. It’s just another excuse for organizing, which I love to do. Our vanity has a kickboard drawer for extra space where I keep my hairdryer. Luckily for Mr. FI, it was already there so he didn’t need to install it. However we ARE installing those tip-out drawers in the kitchen and hopefully some extra storage under our seating area, so he’ll have those projects to help with. Lucky him 🙂 Great idea for your bathroom and yay for more space!

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