1. My fiancee and I start almost every day with a kale smoothie. It’s had a huge effect on our health. Being able to start the day off with a positive first step helps setup the rest of the day for success. We’re going to have to put some Banana’s in the freezer and try this out! cheers

    • Mike, That’s awesome. Kale is at the top of my list for next year’s garden. We did a bunch of different lettuces and spinach this year, so spinach smoothies were a must. If you’ve got extra bananas or they’re about to go bad, this trick really is super easy!

  2. Erin

    Bananas are my favorite fruit. I eat one every day for breakfast. When I run out, it’s devastating until I can pick up more from the market.

    I love the idea of freezing bananas. I really need to do it more often. I made vegan banana ice cream not too long ago and it was amazing. I’m totally on board with adding peanut butter and cocoa powder 🙂

    • They are wonderful, aren’t they? It’s like the easiest mini-meal in the world. Mr. P made fun of me because for our last vacation, I brought two to the airport for our red-eye flight. They made it through security just fine and were a tasty (and cheap!) breakfast!

  3. I should use your recipe and just go for the tasty smoothie. I usually try to stuff in a ton of spinach, but then it doesn’t taste as good and I don’t want to make them as often. Apple pie smoothie, her I come!

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