1. You have a great hustling line up!

    The hustling will be slow around here and will likely be limited to craigslist and ebay sales. Any extra time will be spent gardening (which could be a type of hustle, considering the money saved), camping, and vacationing. We will partially travel hack a FL trip and camp in Colorado – travel is on the cheap this year!

  2. Argh…people who talk about hoe teachers only work 10 months also think they only work from 8 to 3. Most of the ones I know put in 10-12 hour days with minimal breaks, plus have the unpaid training during the summer. Glad to see you’ve planned some time for fun as well as hustle.

  3. Wow, you sure stay busy during your “off” months! My dad was a teacher (band director) and always taught summer band camps which increased his income nicely. I will do some freelance writing but I keep the side hustling low key now since I’m focusing on being home with my little ones for now.

  4. Hey, Penny. Have you ever considered starting your own school? I know if I had kids, I’d send them to a school you ran. It seems a waste that your passion, drive, and wisdom is shared with only 25 kids during the school year. Why not a 1,000? Or how about 5,000? I wish we could devise a system that encourages our best public school teachers to be more entrepreneurial.

    • Ha! A few of my coworkers and I joke about it all the item. Way too political, I’m afraid. And I actually teach between 70 and 90 each year! 🙂 You’re far too kind, Mr. G!

  5. Anyone who questions the amount a teacher works is way off base, sure there are probably some slackers, but all the ones I know put in a ton of time outside of the classroom. Plus I never knock a profession I couldn’t do – you need a lot of patience (I am lacking)

    Nice side hustle work! Sounds like you have split your time nicely!

    • Um. It’s so unbelievable exciting that I actually told my parents about it. I mean, as best as I could given the fact that my dad calls it “The eTunes” and my mom has one app on her phone 😉

  6. Christie

    That sounds like a great summer! Mine is similar, although no summer school for me because most of the programs have been cut due to budget shortfalls. I will be doing a little tutoring, as well as some work on instructional materials and curriculum for next year. I am thinking of trying to post some of it on Teachers Pay Teachers just to see what happens. (I have some mixed feelings about TPT – I don’t like all the cutesy stuff and maybe we should just be sharing materials for free? – but I want to give it a whirl.) Also, I’m training for a 100-mile mountain bike race and spending time with my daughter. I love summer!

    • That’s amazing, Christie! I contemplate TPT – but as a secondary teacher, cute fonts really aren’t my thing! HA 🙂 Enjoy your summer. Soak it all up!

  7. I don’t have any hustles lined up aside from my regular jobs. We are finishing up our book, so I suppose that’s a side hustle =)
    We are going on one big trip to take our kids to Minnesota then to Mexico this month. Other than that, we’re sticking close to home. I love summer!

  8. My hustling won’t be super-productive this summer. My class ended, so I’m going to pay a tutor to finish getting me up to speed on the skill that will double my earning potential. I did convince my roommates to pay me to mow the lawn. That’ll essentially be a 10% reduction in rent for two hours of working out a month.

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