1. My husband often says, it’s just money. We have money. We’re fine, the kids are fine. It’s just money. We can afford this.

    Though of course we had to actually be able to afford it before could say that. So meeting our savings goals which it sounds like you are.

  2. Rachel C

    Love this post! Creating my own stress definitely resonates with me, especially in regards to money. This is a good reminder at the beginning of the year. One of my favorite “mantras” that I keep pasted to my desk at work is “Not everything deserves your time or energy”. Going to resolve to actually live by that this year.

  3. KaLynn

    I can identify with this post. ~2 years ago I dropped my phone while hiking and cracked the screen pretty badly; it’s still functional, just not pretty. On cyber Monday the phone I wanted was marked down to $99 and I was still feeling guilty about the cracked screen that I didn’t buy it! Now it’s back to $149 and I’m feeling bad about not saving $50 LOL. I am driving my husband crazy 🙂

  4. Jenny

    Regarding stress, I heard a saying that goes something like this:
    Just because someone gives you a cactus, doesn’t mean you have to sit on it.

  5. It’s like you read my mind, Penny! I’m publishing a post tomorrow about my resolutions for 2020. Like yours, it isn’t a glamorous list. I want to say yes to certain things. And I want to say no to other things. I have for sure been manufacturing a lot of my own stress lately (today I literally had to talk myself down today while waiting for my partner because he was four minutes late picking me up on my times lunch hour and I thought the world would end). And I need to stop that. So thanks for being on a similar wavelength to me!

  6. Totally! Sometimes I choose to on principle, and maybe that’s more often than I should, but I am trying to remind myself that it’s not worth it all the time. That’s progress 😀

    But I’ll never be no-spend lady. I am working on moderating our spending habits in the other direction, to undo the almost pathological frugality created by the stressors of 2008-2009, so I don’t feel that need to make any kind of a no-spend point. I will spend wisely, when we need to, and sometimes even when we want to. That’s ok!

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