1. Once again, you are right on with this post! And did you just coin your own new term? I’ve definitely had saver’s remorse over the years. I’m guessing that the main reason for the growing popularity of Slow FI and mini-retirements is rooted in saver’s remorse or as an attempt to avoid it. I definitely struggle with the balance between spending and saving. Hopefully I’ll figure it out eventually!

  2. OMG Penny. You spoke directly to my soul today. Mrs. Gov and I are at the edge of a big financial decision. And I was trying to talk myself out of it because OMG, our savings rate would go down and I might not max out my retirement accounts and what if, what if, what if. *sigh* I think I need to re-read this post often. Yes. It’s often too easy to let the numbers get in front of “the why”.

  3. I can’t get past the fact that your maternity leave is unpaid. And they’re prorating the rest of your salary?!? Paid leave is so important! I’m so mad on your behalf (and on everyone else in America struggling against terrible leave policies).
    I can’t recall any specific instances where we skipped out on something so we could save instead. Though maybe the “don’t spend, keep saving” mindset is so strong that My brain can’t frame it that way. I suppose the one savings “mistake” is that I keep more in cash savings rather than investing. Because it feels safer.
    I don’t often think about the “why” to save beyond “just to be safe” and “so we’ll have enough”, but I don’t even really know what’s enough, just keep doing more.

  4. My husband and I have definitely cut corners during our travels, which resulted in wasted time and mis-adventures. In Mexico, we spent too much time haggling with a horse owner for riding time. Then we finally agreed on a price that did NOT include a guide! We got a bit lost and realized that horses can be very unpredictable.

    However in general I think i suffer buyer’s remorse more often!

  5. Twinsies! I was freezing my bump off too and PiC gave me such a look when I protested buying a maternity coat. He spent several hours researching and picked a really nice warm one despite my core feelings that it made no sense to buy a whole cost for a temporary period of life. What was my alternative, freezing every time I went outside or not going outside at all for five months? I didn’t have a good counter argument that didn’t sound positively silly.

    I sort of learned from that when I didn’t have anything that fit in the third trimester and fourth. I bought two microcapsule wardrobes, three bottoms and three tops, at each point, and lived in them ever since. It wasn’t an easy call but with a nudge from a couple directions, I managed it ?

    So it’s possible to learn to do better!

  6. I got so focused on trying to hit a particular savings number that I forgot the purpose of my savings: I want to lessen my stress, not compound it. < – that hit deep. SO relatable.

    I really, really wish I had an answer for how I balance my what and my why but the reality is, I…don’t do this really well at all. If I had to guess why, I would say my tendency to go all in on the savings part (resulting in savers remorse) comes from the financial instability of my childhood. Our finances aren’t perfect now (nor will they ever be) and we have work to do to get closer to where we want to be but I find it very easy to lose sight of the fact that we are, in fact, doing well in so many ways. It’s something I’m working on, though — hopefully I’ll figure it out some day.

  7. Good for you. Being pregnant is hard enough on top of dealing with trouble sleeping or too small clothes. You’re making a person, get what you need!

    But I completely understand what you mean about savers remorse. We too have opted out on an adventure due to the cost or the fact it wasn’t a deal. After the fact, I was upset because I knew it would have cost less to go there on that trip versus go back one day, which we probably won’t do.

    I often keep things in my digital shopping cart for months thinking that it is a luxury and that I do not really need it. Then I realize I am not a shopper. If I went looking for something it was because I needed it for a reason. Like new running shoes. I was suffering and spending more money on braces and trips to the doctor which may have been avoided by just purchasing the new shoes.

    There is no special tool to avoid savers remorse. Just try to cut back on things that are not essential. If the idea of having the new thing comes up multiple times and will solve a problem, most likely its worth the expense.

    Stay warm in your new coat!

  8. KaLynn

    Thank you for introducing this phrase into my life because yeah, this is me all the dang time.
    I need to channel this post and also remind myself when traveling, did I really come all this way to *not* pay for ____ when I can comfortably afford it and I will truly enjoy it?

  9. I’ve heard of buyer’s remorse but not saver’s remorse. But I guess there is such a thing as being to frugal and saving too much so that you are not enjoying the fruits of your labor.

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