1. We’re certainly not curbing our spending this summer (just bought a car, have several trips planned, also summer camps) but one thing we’ve noticed that curbs our spending on junk for the kids is giving them an allowance so they’re in charge of what if anything they buy on trips out. (Probably too early for HP, but in a couple/few years.)

    Now that you have handmedowns to give, is it more obvious how wonderful it is to find someone willing to take them?

    • Ooooh! That’s a great reminder. Ours does too…but I’m so bad about being timely about requesting them. Just added it to my to-do list for this week!

  2. All of these ideas sound so fun Penny! When we were in Nova Scotia last week, we don’t some time with friends of our who have a 2 year old. When it was raining one day, we took him to Ikea to just walk around and climb all over everything. It was fun for him (and me, decor inspo lol), and it was free!

    We are definitely not going the frugal route this summer. Two vacations, and one abroad has pretty much seen to that lol but I do want to get back into my local library this summer. I normally do ebooks, but summer always makes me want to read a ‘real’ book in my backyard.

  3. It’s great to remember what fun we can have without spending too much. Summer months are amazing for all of the opportunities!

    We have to use up our giftcards before we move and it’s a struggle!

  4. Karen

    Penny, I remember those long wonderful long summer days with my daughter (I’m a teacher too). Accept those hand me downs and opportunities to enjoy special events without guilt. Unforgettable experiences are priceless. Sure you can track every penny, don’t forget to track every milestone and happiness as well. Being there is the best gift you can give and you know the simplest things can keep them going for hours.

    My kid? well she’s 21 and has the memories of camping, beaches, libraries, nature trips, movie nights on the couch, playdates with friends and a refrigerator box, (that thing held their interest for a month!) Throw a sheet over the furniture on a rainy day and watch things unfold, everything is interesting to a little one.

  5. TT was so excited a few months ago when he realized that the library had video games you could borrow. So we will be stopping by the library with our teen this summer. Plus there will be lots of hikes and beach visits to drag him away from those video games.

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