1. Oh Penny, you are so good at setting goals. I don’t think I’ve ever written down money or life goals. It’s not that I’m not a driven person, I have lots of things I work towards. And in my work life I’m a tornado of productivity. I think at some level I’ve never given goals like this a fair shot. Therefore I’m super impressed by bloggers that post yearly, quarterly, or monthly goals with an accountability update at the end of the period. Maybe I’d have awesome results if I gave that a try. Best of luck on your goals. And I hope you don’t die any time soon!!!

  2. Norma

    At 62, i am finally getting my estate planning done. WooHoo! I don’t have a lot, but at least lawyers won’t get my little.

  3. “Now, more than ever…”

    I’ve been rethinking my goals too and they’re similar now.. although I am actually MORE inclined to spend money on things like a home addition and solar now in the midst of the pandemic to set us up for later… is that a weird response?

  4. Nah, those points are yours. Like you, I get why those two phrases come up over and over again but as a person who works in comms, I will be happy if I never have to write “unprecedented times” ever again. Holy.

    We set goals a little differently this year– we chose three, then picked one project for each. We finished one project (refill our EF) in the spring and we’re on track with the other two for the end of the year. Feels good, especially considering *waves hands* all of this.

    Best of luck with your goals!

  5. Weirdly, setting goals tends to keep me sane. It seems like maybe you’re the same way! With so much out of my control happening all around me, goals give me some semblance of control and being able to manage at least some aspects of my life. I’ve continued to set monthly goals and work on my new year’s resolutions, though admittedly I haven’t been setting many lately because we’re moving at the end of this month, which was never in the original plans for this year (but was ANY of this in the original plans for this year?).

    Best of luck on your goals! I enjoyed reading your perspective.

  6. Normally goal setting makes me so happy but these days it has to be all incremental things. Like I seriously wrote down “take shirts out of storage” as a item to achieve.

    But I have about five running lists of things to do and they don’t feel like goals, they’re just long overdue chores. I feel the need to get them done now to assert control over my living space at least and work off the stress of not knowing anything about how we’re going to set up things for the foreseeable future. Still, getting some chores done is better than nothing!

  7. Penny get the will done! We procrastinated on this ourselves too and finally did it a few years ago. I don’t know about how things are in the states but we used a lawyer here and had a great experience. Worth the money for sure.

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