1. I’ve definitely had to rethink my goals for this year! Its good to be able to reevaluate and and change course when situations change.

    I have decided to change my emergency fund goals and try to get through this thing financially intact?

    • I think we are all in that boat, Robyn! Getting through this is an important goal and definitely no easy task. Rooting for you!

    • We (and by we, I mostly mean my husband!) are kicking around the idea of a new-to-us car. But I think that’s mostly on pause now, too!

      • Morgan

        I don’t know that I’d pause that unless it puts your immediate cashola in a pinch. I’ve been saving my pennies, waiting to swoop in when the new vehicle prices came down the next time and I was able to use this time to get an incredible deal on a used truck. The truck, purchased today with the same options, would cost approximately 30,000 just a few months ago is now 27,000. I was able to get one in new condition with only 24k miles on it for just 17,000. We chose not to spend less, we just got more vehicle, but we could have chosen to save the discount instead. The car dealers are begging for buyers. If you can afford the cash outlay or were planning on financing it’s still a great time to get a bargain.

        I’m just saying I wouldn’t rule it out.

  2. Congratulations on the Christmas Fund progress! I’m always amazed by the quantity of work you do- and I’m sure the quality is fantastic too! All of my goals lately have been about being kind/generous to myself, being kind/generous to my family members, and being kind/generous to as many people as I interact with as I can. It’s an impossible goal, but I’m trying.

    During the pandemic I finally feel like I have time to spend money. (that sounds weird when I type it). Normally, Mrs. Gov and I work hard, family hard, couple hard, and then sleep hard each day (I both love and hate my ability to use nouns as verbs). But now we have time to think about actually fixing the downstairs bathroom so we have two fully working toilets. And spend money on hundreds of other things as well. We’ve been on a shopping spree. Which slightly worries my frugal self. (Am I like an addict who is hitting the sauce again?) But I’m also working on being kind to myself and I know that this is when it makes sense to do these things, so I am.

    • Avis

      I can relate to your comment related to falling off the wagon. I am on a one year no clothes buying journey. I feel like if I buy one thing (even the dirt cheap tees from Talbots) I will not be able to stop. I am glad I read shepicksuppennies this morning cuz I have three of those tees in the shopping cart which I will not delete and may even unsubscribe to the Talbots emails (have to think on that).

        • I have a few company email subscriptions that get me every time! I finally convinced myself to unsubscribe from the one I shop at the most. I figure I can always sign up again (for a coupon code probably!) at another point if I really need or want something.

  3. Avis

    Good morning. I recently said I might have a little manic depression going on (know that is a serious condition so apologize if i’ve offended anyone) as some days I am incredibly busy then other day I can barely get out of bed (if it wasn’t for having to get dog outside in the morning I would stay in bed until late in the day). To help with that I am setting a weekly goal to complete a small project around the house – those things that I’ve been putting off but every time I look at them (crown molding falling apart) I feel some anxiousness. From a financial perspective – in November 2019 I said I was not going to buy any clothes for a year. I have stuck to that though my resolve has waned as I get emails from my favorite stores with great bargains. Trying to stay strong. I know some may say that is an unrealistic goal – after going through three closets of clothes and fabric to make more if needed I thought I could do it. Lastly, last month I sat down and set up plan to pay off $75K in debt using the snowball method – I will be able to do that in 2.5 years according to my plan and even sooner if I apply any extra money to the plan. I found that exercise quite freeing – prior to that I was slowly chipping away at it but it felt like I’d never get there. One key to that as you know is not to create any further debt even making any further credit card charges – I did fall short there though will address this week.

  4. Sheri

    I topped up our Christmas fund too! With all the uncertainty going on, it’s nice to have something to look forward too! I only wish we could knock out the mortgage in the same way. Sigh…will save that for another day. Thanks for reminding us that we’re all in this chaos together! 🙂

  5. Mark

    I had goals in my volunteer work, but since it is largely shutdown for now, they aren’t going to happen! There is always next year.

  6. Margo

    Hi Penny, My goals are in need of a major renovation. My partner and I are expecting (yay!) and thus, need to reprioritize. We are happy to do it, but definitely need some help. That’s where I’m giving myself permission to pause.- instead of just trying to DIY everything, I am pausing, making a list of what type of advice and help I need, and then research time. Wish me luck! Thanks for all the great content! 
    Sincerely, Margo 

    • Congratulations, Margo! Wishing you the best. A few years ago, that was the best advice I got when I was pregnant. We paused everything, got through my maternity leave, and then started to make some money moves again. Do what works for you and your little family 🙂 You definitely have the right approach!

  7. Hey, new reader here! Congrats on having your Christmas fund already done! That’s something I really need to start doing, rather than just using our yearly bonus at year’s end as our Christmas fund.

    I just posted today on the progress of my 5 big financial goals right now. We’re actually doing better than expected, mostly just because we had the stimulus check to play around with, as well as the recent sale of one of our vehicles.

    Being a teacher at this time would be SO HARD. I taught 7th grade for four years before I stopped to stay at home with my kids, and I’ve thought many, many times about how hard it must be for teachers staying at home and trying to work remotely during this time. Thank goodness the school year is close to over!

    • Hi, Torrie! Welcome! I’m going to pop over and check out your goals. That’s fantastic that you’re making such great progress.

      I am so lucky to have a job that I love always and right now. But remote learning has definitely been a curve ball!

  8. Kathryn

    Like you and your husband, our “work from home” has kept us busier than at the office. And we have two toddlers at home! Not having to pay for daycare/preschool for two months though has freed up cash for home projects and yard work we wanted to complete before summer so we can relax outside!

  9. Amanda

    I am definitely giving myself the option to pause. My main goal is to get my family through unscathed and to save as much as possible just in case.

  10. Lynda

    would love to win for my husband and myself to work on! we are on our way to achieving our goal. we have been lucky enough to be able to keep our jobs (both essential workers) and have been able to save on childcare during this time, oh the irony.

  11. I’m in the same boat as some; not paying daycare freed up some funds to fix the leaky dishwasher and kitchen faucet. I’m ready to send my children to someone during the day, because the Zoom calls for two adults and the kids’ own calls plus snacks, meals, dishes, and hugs are… a lot. With the stimulus payment I was able to pay off a car loan, huzzah! But now it’s on to the last consumer debt pile before really tackling the dreaded student loans. I’m hoarding vacation days in case of any furlough or layoff situations, but I’m hopeful for my field. Staying focused and maybe looking forward to creating more small goals the rest of the year!

  12. Lizzy

    My goals are all over the place too! I planned to pay off two credit cards. The money is sitting in the bank as I am afraid to lose it!

    A part time job I should have started by now looks uncertain.

    My daughter’s wedding has been postponed until August. I am not sure if she will have to move it back again.

    I had lost 10 pounds by the middle of March. I gained them back, plus five more for good measure.

    A volunteer project I cared about passionately is over.

    • I relate to this so much! I know plans zig and zag, but it sure feels like we are all in a loop-the-loop right now. I hope your daughter is able to move forward with her wedding plans. My cousin is in a similar situation, and we are also trying to reschedule her shower. There are just so many unknowns. Wishing you the best!

  13. Paula Johnson

    New reader here. Like you perspective on each of us dealing with this time in life. We semi-retired last year, plans made have changed a few times now. We are currently enjoying being present in our granddaughters lives more than ever. Would love to win the book.

    • Hey, Paula! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂 Thrilled to have you. That’s fantastic that you’re able to enjoy being so present in their lives. Grandparents are magical <3

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