1. I get emails all the time asking me if I have textbooks to sell, and that they will stop by my office to pick them up. I looked up the seller though, and it’s a person who’s part of a MLM, sketch. Unsubscribe!

    As a student, I used to buy/sell my textbooks on Half.com or on our campus Facebook group. It basically evened out, so that the net cost of textbooks was 0. Now though, I just leave them on my bookshelf to pretend to be intelligent 😉

  2. Oh my god they take video games and electronics!! OK, this is step 2 of decluttering. I learn so many useful websites from your posts. The only textbook thingy place thingy I know was Half.com. That place was awesome back in the day! I kind of don’t care about the payment either, I just want to declutter.

    • Yay! I’m glad this was helpful. I hope you have good luck with them. I think they are going to accept cell phones and things like that soon-ish? I was shocked at how simple it was. And I hear you. I’m really trying to declutter first and make sure my stuff doesn’t end in the dumpster behind Goodwill secondly. This fits that bill!

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