1. Hannah

    My husband was a big couponer…because cereal. He never paid more than $1 per box and he would go through 3 boxes a week. When I started doing the shopping, I just started buying oatmeal, and he eventually got over it. It ends up being slightly cheaper than couponed cereal, and a whole lot easier. However, if your man is about the cereal, I would keep on couponing. For packaged goods, couponing is great. Especially if you don’t spend much time flipping through the ads.

  2. I’m big on finding coupons as easily as possible. I like mobile apps for that purpose. I’m not for clipping coupons or strategic couponing, as it takes a bit too much time. It’s all about what’s worth it to you, though!

    • Target’s mobile coupons get me every time 🙂 As we’ve switched to less processed, pre-packaged foods, I’ve also started dabbling in rebate apps. Much faster.

  3. That is one heck of a bargain! Mad kudos! We still clip and check sales, but don’t devote a TON of time to it. I like how you bust out this logic. Yes, our time may be worth more, but there’s a certain amount of responsibility to living like an adult that you don’t get paid for. A healthy balance of saving, earning, and living is ideal IMHO.

    I am so freaking excited for next month’s post!!! Subscribing to make sure I don’t miss it!

  4. I do still coupon. It’s not extreme, but I can’t pass up a coupon on something we actually buy. If I ignore $1 off coupon on my dish detergent, I feel like I just threw $1 away. Someday, I hope to be able to do that without a care in the world. Right now, it ain’t happenin’! 😛

  5. Kate

    I feel torn like you do when it comes to doing things that take a lot of time to save money. I recently signed up for Swagbucks (again – I had an account back in my debt paying days), and one of the surveys rewarded me with 200 Swagbucks. Exciting, right? But it took about 30 minutes, and 200 Swagbucks is only the equivalent of $2. I can’t help but feel that my time is worth way more than that. If it’s something small like using the Swagbucks browser, okay, but I’m not going to invest hours in it.

    • I signed up for Swagbucks but never kept up with it. The only survey that I do regularly is e-rewards, since it’s tied to Southwest Rapid Rewards. It’s invite only, and I only complete the ones worth $5 and up. Usually while I’m making Mr. P drive somewhere, so it’s mostly idle time anyway 😉

  6. Maybe you’re time is worth more that $16/hour, but would you have spent that time (20 minutes) doing something that netted you more than $4? If the choice was to tutor someone or clip coupons and go grocery shopping then obviously tutoring will net more. But, if the choice was spend your time grocery shopping or spend your time doing something mindless, then it could be worth it.

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