1. Hey Penny!

    The way you started this article made me think you were going to list hundreds of items you bought for HP. But in reality, you’ve done a great job of keeping it frugal. We’ve bought tons and tons of discretionary items since the quarantine started. Unfortunately I don’t know if it’s stopping (and in fact may be getting worse). You’re right- spending is something we can control. And it does bring comfort. And it is one of the few things we *can* do now. And we have a lot more time to think about what we might want. We’re being easy on ourselves. I’m glad you are too. And I loved the things you made with cornstarch!! I *hate* play dough because I’m allergic to it. So we might need to try your recipe!!

  2. Kathryn

    We bought a marble run from a consignment market just before the pandemic began. It has been wonderful addition to our time inside. We had sidewalk chalk that was quickly used up but my parents, who live across town, offered to drop of a box that they had since the boys won’t be visiting for a little while. I did order paint and play doh sets from the Melissa and Doug website and our 18 month old is in need of new shoes so those are really the only things we are buying. I wanted a water toy/feature for them to play outside (it’s already 80 degrees in the South) but these kinds of toys are sold out everywhere- locals shops and online. Every family has the same idea. I guess we will wait until things begin to relax.

  3. Some great ideas here! My daughter is only 9 months, so a little advanced for her still. I’ve been trying not to give into the temptation of buying her toys just because we’re stuck in the house 24/7 now (she has plenty). BUT I have done some free activities like:

    -Free music class via Instagram live
    -Repurposing plastic Easter eggs to become maracas filled with rice and spare change
    -Expanding playing areas to pretty much all rooms of the house now to prevent boredom

    So far so good. Now if only the weather here in NY would stay consistently warmer!

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