1. I need to read more. I’m not setting a specific goal of X books per month because I don’t want to stress myself out. But my mom did just give me two book recommendations, so I’m going to try to read those at the very least. Preferably more after that. I know it’s a low bar, but Twitter has ruined my attention span, and I’m also trying to focus more on the blog so… A low bar it is!

    And I want to keep focusing on the blog/stay at least one week ahead with posts. So far so good, but the well is running a smidge dry so I need to be careful and start churning out some new posts. I’ve just felt uninspired this past week as far as writing goes. Sigh.

  2. These are great goals. I especially love how you include a section on the environment — this is also something I have been working on, particularly as it relates to creating less plastic waste. It is a work in progress.

    As far as this quarter goes…my main goals are to hit my step goal regularly, stick to my savings plans (working on saving for a new computer) and finish revising a writing project I’ve been working on. There are a few other items on the to do list, but those are the big ones!

  3. I love the idea of tracking goals quarterly. It seems so much easier to measure than monthly or yearly. I’m definitely using the idea!

    This quarter my main goals are to incorporate some weights into my exercise routine, learn two crochet stitches, and to switch some disposable products to non-disposable products. Taming the clutter is an ongoing goal for me, too.

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