1. Brilliant.

    I can relate as per:
    Meditating – but I have been meditating 2 x / day since late january (after I spent beaucoup bucks on said course)
    Single use cups – zero, as of January 1. No takeaway coffee of any kind. tonnes of muffins though 🙂
    My Alcohol free lasted from january one till early march, then there was a huge family wedding in late March…. get the picture?

    We are also decluttering – i am giving away some outdoor furniture to one of the girls at work. amd clothes was easy as. but what of the books i want to offload? Ebay would not take them, ditto Amazon….

  2. Joan

    I use quarterly goal sheets . These goals are broken Dan from my annual goal sheets that I set up late December of the previous year.

    This quarter I’m continuing to work on:

    1) being debt-free on credit cards, and simultaneously saving as well as working

    2) on being more consistent on my sinking fund contributions, lol

    3) getting a part-time job to increase my monthly income

  3. Wendy

    If you’re having problems grappling with big goals, trying breaking them down into small steps.

    Check out ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear… Good practical advice about how your brain works and what mental tools can help you form new habits… Achieving goals is done by building new habits
    Willpower is overrated, knowing more about how your brain actually works vs how you think it should work is very helpful

    He also has a newsletter email you can sign up for.


  4. I keep holding off on mediating and I’ve always wanted to do it on a daily basis so your quarterly health goals is good reminder that I should seriously start soon.
    Your DSW shoe donation recommendation has really helped me do some spring cleaning on our shoes. We have donated about six pairs of shoes so far to DSW and plan to do more since MwC and me still have more shoes we don’t wear anymore. Not only we get that $5 discount for every 2 pairs we donate but these shoes goes to Soles4Souls who will distribute them to families in need for shoes. It always feels great to donate!!

  5. I’m going to keep trying (if not necessarily succeeding) to hit 50% of my post-tax income going to either savings or as extra on my mortgage. Striving for it keeps me honest. (And yes, gives me a post each month.)

    I’m going to continue to work out 4-5 times a week because I need to for my cholesterol’s sake (and my weight, too). And I’m going to try to stick to my diet more. It’s better for me, and I want to get into the next size down of jeans. I’m only about 6-7 lbs away from what I’m pretty sure my skinny weight is, so I just need to power across that finish line. But somehow being so close is the opposite of motivating and I keep coasting. Oh well, here’s to April/May/June bucking that trend!

    But that’s about it as far as hard and fast goals go.

  6. Oh, man. Commitment clutter is a huge struggle for me. I find it really difficult to pass those plates on – I feel guilty about it…and then I feel guilty for feeling guilty because what does it say about my ego that I feel like I have to be the one to do everything? Ugh.

    I set a few different goals for Q2, mostly related to creative endeavours. They’re ambitious projects that will require a time commitment on my end, so I am hoping that might help with the whole commitment clutter thing.

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