1. Sherrie Nicholson

    I’m old so my 3 kids were born pre-fmla, so I received 60% of my pay for 6 weeks as anyone else would on disability and it was right back to work after six weeks. Joy….

  2. veronica

    OMG this is barbaric! I’m not a teacher, but in Ontario every full time employee is entitled to 1 year of paternity leave. This 1 year leave can be divided between the mother and the father in whatever percentage works best for the couple. While on leave, I believe you receive the same amount as you would if unemployed. Many workplaces, and I’m sure the Ontario Teacher’s union has negotiated this, top up the benefit so that the employee is receiving 100% of their salary while on leave.

    So finances are not (usually) a barrier to having a baby. It’s finding the day care spot for going back to work that is the headache in Ontario…..

    • Mary

      While i totally agree that mat leave in the US seems pretty barbaric, the Ontario numbers aren’t actually correct. You get 3 months of Maternity leave (i.e. only for the women who births the baby) and 9 months of pat leave that can be divided up between the parents in whatever way they want. So if you adopt – you are only entitled to the 9 month. Not sure of the teachers union, but i work for a large crown corporation and we only get top up for the 3 months of mat leave, which is essentially short term disability coverage. The logic being that the mothers body has just gone through a trauma and needs time to recover, similar to someone having a surgery and needing 3 months to recover. The rest of the time you are getting employment insurance which is 55% of your salary up to $550 per week. Nothing to complain about, i know, especially considering how little other parts of world get.

      Also, there is 18 month paternity leave but you just get paid less by employment insurance to cover the extra 6 months. And yes, then you need the $1800/ month for the daycare spot- if you can find one!

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