How Would You Describe Your Finances?

Receipt Hog Phone Survey How Would You Describe Your Finances

If you followed my quest for a stress-free Christmas last year, you know I’m a big fan of phone apps. More precisely, phone apps that promise me riches a few dollars in PayPal and a few dollars to Amazon. I know a lot of people write them off as a waste of time, but for … [Read more…]

19 in 2019: Money Milestones and More

19 Milestones from 2019

I’m going to stop singing (OK, fine, I am just making up words like everyone else) Auld Lang Syne long enough to round up 19 highlights from 2019.  Creating this list did exactly what I hoped it would. It reminded me that there were so many more highlights than I had space for on my … [Read more…]