Should We Pause Our Mortgage Payoff?

In less than three months, we will pay off our mortgage. Twenty years early. This has been the moment I’ve been dreaming of for as long as I’ve been a blogger Or at least for as long as I’ve been a blogger who realized her mortgage was actually debt. Oof. Why, then, am I not … [Read more…]

A Busted Budget: Of Medicine & Masks

I must confess something. How long as I’ve gotten away from blogging (hello again!) is nothing compared to how long I’ve gotten away from budgeting. Over a year ago, I got pregnant and I got walloped with morning sickness…again. My second pregnancy was not a charm. Everything felt like too much. Layer on a pandemic … [Read more…]

Stained Shirts and Other Ways I’ve Changed As a Consumer

I’ll just come right out and say it: I sent my kid to Pre-K with a stain on his shirt. Not just any stain, either. It’s a small gray spot of some kind of bother, and no matter how much I treat and soak, soak and treat, the spot is stuck. Why the story about … [Read more…]

6 Things Blogging Afforded Me in 6 Years

Somehow, I’ve been a blogger for six years. In so many ways, it feels like I blinked and got here. But in other ways, if I look back, it seems like an actual lifetime is laid out on these virtual posts and pages. To celebrate, I thought I’d pull back the curtain a bit to … [Read more…]

A Little Hello

Baby Toes and Blanket

Last week, our family of three became a family of four. We couldn’t be any happier or more tired. At least I don’t think! This post doesn’t have any crunched numbers or completed spreadsheets. Those numbers will come later. But what I can say on the financial front is it’s amazing how much another life-changing … [Read more…]