1. I love that there are so many bloggers out there working on decluttering their lives!! I’m still an amateur at selling my stuff- now I’ve got some ideas how to do it better. Thanks for including me in the roundup!!!

  2. Happy Camper

    Our neighborhood doesn’t allow yard/garage sales, and I find eBay to be full of crooks (even as buyers). I used to donate all of our stuff for the tax benefit back when we paid enough in mortgage interest to itemize. But now that we’ve almost paid it off, itemizing doesn’t do us any good.

    So, we just donate stuff and throw things away that they refuse to take. I keep thinking there has to be a better way to make use of our stuff as we prune our material goods.

    • eBay makes me nervous, too. I have a decent about of luck with Craigslist. We also have Bookoo, an online yardsale website, that also works really well. Personally, I just need to get the stuff out of our house lately, so I just list it for free online or put it out by the curb.

  3. I keep having this idea that I will turn my massive book collection into an online bookselling business. And yet, I never do it.

    We’ve been struggling with decluttering all year. The most I can say is that I now have Jon on board in theory if not in fact and that we haven’t added any major amounts of stuff despite Jon’s parents cleaning out their basement.

    • Not adding to the problem is a HUGE victory! For a long time, I would do one in, two out. But then I would wait and wait for the two out to sell. That was definitely not an effective strategy!

      I love selling books. It’s so much fun. And I donated a bunch to our high school, too.

  4. Thanks for sharing these! I walk a fine line between decluttering and hoarding. I do think it makes sense to hang on to certain items for a rainy day, but there’s a point where it makes sense to declutter, too.

    • That’s the problem I’m currently facing with our bathrooms. I decided that the best approach would be to toss what we absolutely won’t use, donate what wasn’t expired (hello, half dozen bottles of peroxide), and then use up the rest. By making an inventory, I can keep an eye out for sales (the only thing I hate worse than a cold is having to pay full price for cold medicine!), but I was able to weed out the stuff that was just clutter, too.

  5. Thank you for sharing! Before we had our own place, we were living such a decluttered lifestyle. But with a home comes the eventual “lifestyle” creep, and “stuff” creep. We have racks in our garage lining the wall to keep even more additional stuff. Books from college, and boxes and boxes of old clothes. I’m afraid to look.

    • I’m learning that there is a whole additional level of this creep that comes when you add a kiddo into the mix. We are trying really hard to get our acts together and also be pretty firm on what stays and what gets returned for a store credit when it comes to baby gifts. I felt a little guilty returning things for a human who can’t voice his or her interests yet…but there are only so many onesies and stuffed animals that any human can use!

  6. Awesome list Penny! Thanks for including my post and my wife’s as well!

    She’s definitely been the driving force in our decluttering journey. If anyone needs advice on getting their spouse on board, let me know. I can tell you everything she did to get me converted 🙂

    • You two are both so inspiring! It’s been incredible to see what changing your mindset around “stuff” has afforded the two of you.

  7. I’m sorry I’m slow seeing this Penny (we took a few days off!), but thank you so much for the shout out! 🙂 I LOVE decluttering and selling stuff. I always have an ad on Craigsllist or ebay. And thank you for sharing the other posts. My “to do” list for the fall is to go through and do a major clean out. My house is already pretty clutter free, but there are still items I have that I need to let go. And, really, Chris from Keep Thrifty has been a motivating factor in my desire to do this – love his family’s story!

  8. My decluttering is slow and in fits and starts. For me, the hardest was letting go of a beautiful pair of shoes that I had purchased as a rare-reward during professional school. They just hurt now after a running injury. I was glad I found a friend with similar sized feet who coveted them and would actually utilize them.

  9. I just moved into a new house last week and I keep telling myself I need to go thru what’s in the garage and sell or donate almost everything. I just hate seeing something that I paid $30 for sell for like $5.

    • I used to do that, too! I would obsess over how much money I was losing by selling things for cheap. The truth is, I lost the month when I bought the (100th?) pair of shoes I didn’t need. Now I just try to think of it as a separate fund of sorts. Takes the sting out of the sunk costs a little bit.

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