1. Jover

    I don’t use it very often, but I’m up to a whopping $11.75 since May ? I am definitely a lot more aware of the “now hiring” signs now, although I’m usually in my car as I spot them, and have only rarely stopped to get good pictures.
    Tips: make sure the pictures are clear and legible. Users can review pictures and help determine if the data is legit. I turn down a lot of poor quality photos when I do those reviews out of boredom.
    Be mindful of your cell photo data plan. It’s probably not worth getting $0.85 for snapping 2 photos (job sign and company sign) if it’s going to cost you a $10 overage.
    I’ve been paid as little as 4 cents and as much as 97. I have my “hope” bar set at 50 cents for each submission.

    • That seems like a good place to set the hope bar, Jover! I won’t be going out of my way to use it (or engaging in any distracted driving), but I did make my husband wait for an extra second so I could take a photo of the outside of our Starbucks this past weekend!

    • I’m so curious what you think! I could see it being great for people who have easy access to lots of independent businesses. Those are the big payouts.

  2. Great post! I think you just convinced me to try it out. Kevin @ Financial Panther has talked about it but I haven’t heard of anyone else who uses it yet but nice to know it’s gaining more exposure. Will have to report back after I get the hang of it!!

  3. Funny, I just downloaded this app over the weekend and have been snapping some photos the last few days. I am up to $3.78 for six submissions and my range has been 16-75 points. You can also verify other submissions for an addition 10 points. This takes a few minutes to get through the required images. Why not snap a couple of pictures when you pass by a sign? Before you know it, you have a free amazon gift card.

  4. I love these types of apps – a little extra cash here and there adds up quick. Going to download it right now!

    Also, LOL about being awkward all the time. As a “frugal weirdo” who cuts her own hair and never buys new clothes, I hardly notice strange looks anymore.

    • I am curious what you think, Harmony! Now, whenever I drive, I see SO many more hiring signs. I’m sure they were always there; I just never had a reason to look. I’m excited to use the app when the weather is nicer and we are just strolling through our downtown.

  5. I have a whole bunch of apps where I make a few cents here and a few cents there, but they are mostly the “snap a photo of your receipt” ones. Sometimes I wonder who is using the information from these apps and for what? Is it market research?

  6. I’ve been using Job Spotter for the past 12 months now and it’s worked out great. In 2017, I made a little over $200 just taking pictures with the app. It’s really perfect for people like me who are walking and biking a lot – I do a lot of food deliveries on my bike, so I basically see hiring signs all the time.

    Works really well too if you happen to go to the mall – you can basically make $5 or something just walking around normally. It takes me maybe 10 seconds to take a picture, and most of the time, people I’m with don’t even realize I stopped to do anything since I’m so quick. Definitely worth it for anyone, in my opinion!

    • That’s amazing, Kevin! Do you have a link to a post on your site? I will swing by later. I would love to add it to my post 🙂

      I’m hoping to do more in shopping plazas or our little downtowns when it’s not so chilly out. I’ll get my steps in and make a few bucks!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I am going to check this app out. I live downtown so fingers crossed there are higher payout opportunities!

    I’m in the same boat about being awkward. Love that you claimed immunity! ?

      • Going to work today I got my first picture and earned 98 points! It made me much more aware of my surroundings, which can’t be a bad thing. Now I just have to mix up my path to walk down different streets. Thanks again!

  8. Leem

    I love it. I walk and take public transportation everywhere in Los Angeles so I can make quite a bit. I started using it earlier this month and have $70 (about 2 weeks ago). I work part time jobs and go to school so my schedule can be odd and i have breaks in between jobs. I intentionally take routes that i know have a lot of shops sometimes or walk more (skip bus stops or take a longer routes). Any extra income helps (i can buy essentials on Amazon), better than having to find a 3rd job and schedule
    it in between my other jobs and school. I also use field agent and wag for extra cash.

  9. PC

    Literally my favorite app. I will spend a whole day just taking help wanted photos on a day off! It gets me out of the house and pays well. I love it. I am planning on going out this evening to snap some photos while I’m downtown! I have made approx $65-$70 in the last couple months. Its incredibly convenient and I have no issues with it whatsoever. Pay-outs typically happen within the next few days and you can use them immediately.

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