1. Penny! You are so good at being conscious with your stimulus checks. All of ours have just sat in a savings account because we couldn’t be bothered to think about what we should do with them. When I think about the values I want to have, I think we *should* spend them in the local economy. But then we just end up saving them because spending them is too hard to decide what to do. Way to go!

  2. KaLynn

    I made it a priority to keep our favorite Thai place in business. It was a lot of pad Thai to eat, but somebody had to do it 😀

  3. Chain saws are extremely dangerous, I sold mine after I came within a couple of seconds of killing myself when a tree I was cutting split and whipped through the space my head had just been occupying a moment before. It would have taken my head off, should have in fact. I was incredibly lucky I moved just before it happened. I put the saw up, sold it and swore to never touch one again. Tell him to be extremely careful, or better yet sell the saw and hire a professional. Using a chain saw is like building hand grenades for a hobby. It’s not if you will get injured, it’s when and how badly.

  4. We plan to use our stimulus money for home renovations or landscaping. We would have done this project anyway but it is a relief to do this as and still be able to save and donate.

    Our donations are still very random and small (usually $10-15, up to $50) but every bit helps!

  5. Charitable giving, what a great way to spend the stimulus check. You’re doing good for others and are stimulating the economy along the way. Nice!

    I personally think I’ll just sock and squirrel it away and let it sit in my bank account. That helps pay for food, water, and rent.

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