1. Wow Penny, FSTVX and finishing your grad school! Two things that seem to be a change from the norm of FI but I love it. (0.035% expense ratio…awesome!)

    It will be fun to watch what happens once your income grows based on your new degree. My guess is it won’t be a miserable 2-3% either so your quarterly reports are going to be FUN!

    Congrats on the summer goals and being a go get’er, you are reaping the rewards of hard work.

    • Only because my work wouldn’t let me do Vanguard. ::cries::

      My income is going to make a huge jump next month. This past school year, I took such a pay cut. It’s going to feel like it’s raining money. Until I write that first childcare check!

  2. Not sure if this helps with the steps goal, but I switched to using a Bellabeat tracker. Gardening, doing dishes, and other strenuous yet low-step-count activities still count for my daily activity level! I got a used Bellabeat on Amazon for $80.

  3. The Oldsters are still packing and unpacking. We were fortunate not to have to sell our old house in order to buy the new one, but that has led to a lack of urgency that will likely drag out into next year (sigh). So our goal is to have all the stuff we want to move in this house by the time school starts in August. So far, we are on track. Mrs. Oldster is taking over a few AP classes (she’s such a nerd 🙂 and will be working on new lesson plans while unpacking boxes. These kids aren’t going to know what hit ’em!

  4. Karen

    Summer vacation to a teacher is a blessed thing! My goals this summer were extensive and I’ve been using a bullet journal to stay on course. Freezer challenge, exercise everday, diy house projects. But most exciting, we’re planning a big trip to visit our daughter abroad in 3 short weeks. Still booking tours and hotels — we’re beyond excited. I recognize with gratitude that our decent income and frugal iving has made this possible

    • That is so awesome that you can take that trip! How are you liking bullet journaling? My fear is that I am not artistic enough and I will continually want to redo my bullets. I’ve heard amazing things, though.

  5. Congratulations on your goals progress! Your posts always make me want to sit down and map out some goals of my own. And I’m glad you got your sushi! It’s always fun seeing what kids will eat, and what they won’t. (Though I have to say, I’m with HP on the watermelon, haha. And hey, that means you and your husband get more watermelon, right? ^^)

    • Oh my gosh. Really, Deanna?! You don’t like watermelon either? As for my husband, he puts salt on his. In my opinion, that is worse that not liking it. Ha!

  6. I am with you on the senioritis! I am in my last two weeks of my third-to-last graduate course for my master’s and I am DONE! In fact, I’m supposed to be doing my homework right now and I am obviously NOT. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Congrats on your summer goals! I have to say, this summer has been completely chaotic because of our move, so I don’t feel like we’ve really made any progress on anything (aside from moving, of course). But I’m trying not to get discouraged because we’re location independent! Enjoy that sushi. Yum!!! 🙂

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