1. This is a lovely, intentional way to make one of your days less intimidating. I’ve been similarly loosening up around little treats when we go on weekend outings. It was making me all tense thinking how much we might spend if we walk around downtown, like we do most weekends because it’s my husband’s favorite family outing. Instead, I’ve started embracing the “one treat” thing and just enjoying. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • It must be something in the personal finance/frugality water where we need to keep reminding ourselves to savor these moments instead of feeling guilt over them. Glad you are enjoying your treats and your family time!

    • It’s so true, Louise! We are in and out in no time. Tonight, we stopped by the library and did our grocery shopping. I think it was still less time spent than if we joined the crowds on Friday or the weekend!

  2. This post is perfectly timed and rather brilliant. (and funny that J Money just blogged about spending for happiness too hehe).

    I usually don’t feel the Monday dread but this month, possibly because it’s been a particularly tough 18 months, for the first time I did feel it, and HOW. I actually asked PiC to make it not Monday. He tried. It’s still Monday.

    So I had an inkling that I’d need to come up with something to offset this feeling if it’s more than just this week or this month. I don’t know what it is yet but I’ll think about it.

    It might be one of the projects we’ve been thinking about working on – the yard, or replacing the car, or something like that.

  3. We are just as likely to do something on a Thursday afternoon as a Saturday, and I think it helps so much in why I don’t generally dread the start of the week (though don’t tell that to the kiddo who often doesn’t want to switch from family all day to preschool come Monday haha)

    • That is part of what makes Mondays so hard for us, too. Just when HP is back in his routine with us, it changes again. He’s so clingy when I drop him off Monday morning. But by Tuesday? He holds his hand up and shoos me away when I go to hug him.

  4. Krista Converse

    This was a perfect Monday read. Thank you!
    I teach in a school with students that have some stressful home lives, so their weekends aren’t usually happy. Mondays then become a drama-filled day while we help them sort through their emotions. By the end of the day, I’m spent.
    I love the idea of intentionally choosing to spend a bit of money on Mondays in order to help me relax & enjoy the rest of the week.

    • Yes, Krista! Do it!

      Obviously, we all have to make sure that a bit on Monday doesn’t turn into a bit every day and then a lot. But if it would help set the tone for your week, especially with your special student population?! I say go for it 😀

  5. I love this idea of making something about Monday fun! Mondays are tough. But if we turned our traditional Pizza Friday to Pizza Monday, that could give Monday a bit of a upswing.

    • That’s how we felt, too! We will always enjoy Fridays, at least as long as we are working. So why not spread the wealth to another weekday?

  6. It’s Wednesday but I wished I read this on Monday. Great way to approach the beginning of the workweek. Actually, I don’t view Monday as a beginning of another dreaded week ahead, more like anticipating of getting sh$t done whether it’s at work or at home. Having daily goals in mind make me more determined to get through the day than feel like a drag.

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