1. I will be enjoying a beautiful day outside with the family.

    Today is a great day to reflect on the great lives and freedom we have in this country due to the sacrifices of so many. Thanks for giving everyone that reminder!

  2. Exactly! Why does it always have to be about money and buying stuff? Take this time to spend with family and be grateful for the sacrifices all people have made to have what we have.

    Great post!

  3. No sales shopping here, we spent the day at home, enjoying the company of family and a select few friends. A little bit of work, a little bit of relaxation, it was really nice to get a wee bit of a break from the usual work-a-day routine.

  4. Christie

    Yes, thanks for the reminder about gratitude! We enjoyed the day with old friends while our little rugrats all ran around together. It was pretty great. Made even better by the fact that the school year is over now, so I didn’t have to rush around and get ready for the week! 🙂 Talk about gratitude!

  5. I’m stuck in the office (not a holiday in Canada) so won’t be purchasing anything.

    I have no idea that Memorial Day is associated with mattress sales. If you need a new mattress, it makes sense to buy one when it’s on sale though. We recently purchase a new mattress and it was money well spent.

  6. We did trade in our car for a bigger one to get ready when baby #2 arrives but other than that it all about spending time with family. We went strawberry picking with the little one and my laws. We picked about a couple pounds of strawberries and the little one loved picking them out. So much fun for everyone!!

  7. “Show your gratitude.
    We all have so much. Sometimes, though, it’s easy to lose sight of what we have, especially when we’re deeply entrenched in stretches of self-improvement. Take time today to really consider all of your fortunes. Maybe it’s your freedom, your family, your friends, or something else entirely. Think about it, journal about it. Even better, tell someone else about it.”

    I’m amazed at how the lesson of ‘try to feel gratitude’ is always so pertinent & helpful. You’d think it would be part of my routine by now, but it still always seems like a bit of an epiphany. We have it so good, and I’m so dang lucky…I just keep forgetting.

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