1. I’ve fallen into side work that I loved (and put way too much time into) so it ended up paying $5 an hour. Now I average a steady $40-$100 an hour. It can be really fun and fulfilling but there are the moments I want to throw my computer against the wall because a WordPress theme is glitchy. Last night I presented the first phase of a $7000 job to a client and they were over the moon happy. It’s tough to beat those moments. I really love being able to solve problems that might not be solved otherwise.

  2. Ugh. I think you were a lot nicer than I would have been. I prefer side hustles that don’t require me to depend on other people being reliable lol.

  3. My life was mostly side hustles before law school. I’ve not engaged in any since, though as I move ever so slowly toward actual retirement, a couple of ideas are banging around in the old noggin.

  4. I quit my main side hustle a couple months ago. Side hustle money is rarely life changing and I decided that I would rather have the time with the baby.

    I think side hustles can be great, but only if it is something that you enjoy doing and you don’t have anything you’d rather be doing with that time.

  5. I feel your pain with the last minute cancellations, that must make tutoring a pain. Glad you stuck to your guns and got paid for it.

    I’m still in not worth side-husting club….until something amazing falls into my lap I intend to stay there.

  6. Every time I dog-sit, I swear never again. I don’t hve a car, which means I need to have my work clothes + food to eat at a different location. Then the commute is different and not necessarily better.

    I still engage with my side business though. It’s not lucrative yet, but growing that has paid dividends in happiness and fulfillment.

  7. Corinne Tomorrow

    Dear God Penny, I don’t know how you did it! Your reaction I think was handled beautifully and with grace, as opposed to the other party. I think I would’ve lost it a lot more if I was in your shoes, so for that you have my respect!

  8. Ashley

    Good for you, girl.

    That parent need to learn they are a parent and not a friend.
    “doesn’t want to go tonight” Waaah.

  9. Given your situation I would be frustrated as heck too. I picked a side-hustle that doesn’t involve anything but me and a computer, so everything is done on my time. And I can stop if I want and the money will still flow in. Although it’s not big money, but it does pay some of my utility bills. I have considered tutoring or teaching guitar, but thought about the exact problems you ran in to – dealing with other people.

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