1. Wow you are freaking slaying it! Great job!

    By single use cups do you mean kcups for coffee? If so, you can get compostable kcups on Amazon. Convenient and not as terrible for the environment!

    • I actually mean the Starbucks ones that I can’t (or shouldn’t reuse). I have a travel mug. I just get lazy and use the app to order ahead and they put it in the plastic-coated paper ones. GAH!

  2. Jo-Anne

    My goals are to continue to save for my trip to Europe so its not a debt filled trip (my mom and I have been putting $20 a week away, plus my own personal side savings) and fingers crossed maybe finish my class on time?! I’m pushing the class to this semester but would like to try and keep the same deadline… just give me some breathing room so I can take oh my birthday weekend off to go to the mountains and not have to be on a laptop the entire time!!

    Good luck on your goals! Continue to Slay lady!

      • Jo-Anne

        My mom turns 65 next year (35 for me this year!) and she always said she wanted to be in Italy when she turned 65. I found a 2-1 cruise (start/end France, 3 stops in Italy, 1 in Spain and 1 In Malta) the first week of Feb next year and basically said weeeeelllllll its not your birthday… but your birth year?!?! and then we are going to add another week in England/Ireland.

        And yes we started close to 11 months ago and have another 3+ months left to save for. Cruise is paid for, flights will be paid for at the end of this month and then its just figuring out the nitty gritty!

  3. Congrats on getting your mortgage down!

    Things are getting better on our financial front, so my big goal is start socking away as much as possible into my new SEP IRA and to max out my Roth IRA. It’s embarrassing that I haven’t already done the latter, but at least I have until April, right? I’m also going to increase my (already padded) mortgage payment. It won’t be huge, but it should shave a few more years off.

    • Whoa, whoa. It is NOT embarrassing. This is the first year that we ever maxed out our Roth early. It was a combination of me earning a lot less but HR not adjusting my withholdings on my mat leave and HP being kind to us at tax time.

      So I think you’re kicking butt, friend!

  4. Congratulations. I don’t have quarterly goals, but look at finances once a month. Based on our current trajectory, we should have a 100,000 net worth by January 2020, so that’s the big marker we’re working towards.
    The cups though… you got me tracking my usage, and the thing that kills it every month are free wine tastings. They do not want to re-use the little cups because it muddles the flavors. And the draw of free wine is too strong.

  5. Maxing out your Roths, dominating college saving, and annihilating so much of your mortgage?!?!?? You’re killing it! I’m always sooo torn between paying off my mortgage and investing. The debate has been beaten to death, but I never know what to do haha.

  6. Congrats on the new Mortgage milestone! That is sweet. I don’t even have a mortgage yet, which is weird because I both want to get one, and at the same time dread having that much to pay off…
    I’m still making headway on my student loan, but I’ll be at the 10k milestone soon! Woohoo!
    Good Post!

    • That is a huge milestone, John! Congrats!

      I hate our mortgage, but I love our house and being a homeowner (almost all of the time :D). But you do what is right for you!

  7. Raina

    I love this cup tracking idea! I’m doing it! I need to do an audit first to figure out my average and then set progressive goals.
    I don’t think it’s a lot, but how would I know?!?

    • I was so alarmed. I have gotten things under control considerably, but it is a slippery slope for me. I would be curious how your numbers compare!

  8. Penny, do you guys have a retirement plan through work? A pension or a plan they contribute into for you? I’m just curious as an educator. I’ll never qualify for a pension because I simply won’t have worked full time in education for enough years, but I may become a W-2 employee at some point. I contributed to a 403b when I worked for my non-profit and was able to roll it over into my Vanguard Roth IRA when I left, which was a big benefit if we ever retire early. Two of my three goals this quarter we already reached (pay for and enjoy our Disney trip and add to our emergency fund) but my third one, socking more $$ in my i401k, is looking iffy since I’m not working as regularly. I’m feeling okay about it though since this has turned into the “Year of the Move” with all its associated expenses and upheaval.

    • We do. We both put 9.4% of our salary toward our pensions. ::cries:: We don’t include that figure in anything for several reasons. 1.) The retirement system is so opaque that I don’t know where my money is or what it’s worth. 2.) I doubt we will see much of any pension b/c our state is so heckin broke. Sigh.

      I think you are KILLING IT this year with your move. I would imagine that third goal is more challenging, but that’s the point of goals, right? They help us stretch and even if if we fall short, we are better off than where we were. And it sounds like you are way better off than most thanks to all your hard work!

  9. Congrats on getting your mortgage down to under $130K!! You are definitely on top of everything with maxing out your Roths and contributing a good amount to HP’s 529,
    I opened Baby with Cents’ 529 a few months before he was born, wanted to get a head start on it. We increased his 529 contributions every year but not as much as you guys. But we are thinking about having a birthday party for him when he turns three in the spring and recommend everyone who plans on giving a gift to rather contribute to his 529 than to give him a toy/clothes etc.

    • That is so smart that you opened one before he was born. To be honest, I didn’t know you could do that! Getting family to write a check for $20 instead of buying a game has been a bit of a tough sell, but it hasn’t been as bad as I thought. I think a lot of people realize they can only play with so much! What does bum me out is when people downplay what they’re doing. “Oh, it’s only $20. That’s not even a single textbook.” DON’T MAKE ME GET MY COMPOUNDING CALCULATOR OUT, FAM! 😀

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