1. Congrats on the nomination! How lovely to have such influential women in your life like your mom and grandmother who could pass down both their knowledge and penny-finding fortune 🙂 I’m sure your blog will get nominated for many an award and I look forward to reading more about your purposeful-life journey!

  2. Penny this was absolutely wonderful, oh my goodness! From the -amazing- Taylor Swift reference on, this just totally made my day (and my air conditioner is broken during a heat advisory, so that’s saying something!)

    YES to moms being the best financial influence! My mom also instilled the saving early thing, and I’m so grateful to have had a mom who taught me about money. I also adore that your grandmother was the inspiration for the blog, that’s the best answer I could have possibly imagined for that question.

    I’m so so glad you had fun with it. Happy Monday!

    • Des, I was so proud of my Tswizzle reference…until I Googled it. Then I just felt really old. That was 2009.

      Thanks again for the nomination. This was crazy fun, and it was a great excuse to check out more of your blog. Seriously love it!

  3. Wow…$3 an hour. Although that’s an incredibly low amount of money, I think it’s amazing how much working for such low wages makes you appreciate higher wages! I know I’ll feel grateful for any job I’ll have after having incredibly low-paying part-time jobs during school!

    • Right? To be fair, that was over 10 years ago. But I knew it was pretty cheap and kind of bogus back then. Still, I wanted experience babysitting, so I knew I had to start somewhere. I think part-time jobs definitely make you more appreciative of what you land later in life.

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