• AHH! I was just going to mention the stretchy pants thing. Is that what (female) teachers where in your schools? That was not a thing 5 years ago where I worked.

      Great work with the declutter! Isn’t it amazing how many candles we all have? And coffee cups? We’ve been dragging bags to the curb the last two weeks… And just wait until HP starts creating all kinds of pictures and projects. I just parted with a “sculpture” my son made in 3rd grade 🙂

      • Are stretchy pants leggings? I have a pair of skinny/slim fit black dress pants that I wear with everything. But I’m not sure they’ll fit now. I only tried on one pair of non-maternity jeans. They fit, so I figure I’m going to hang onto this victory as long as I can!

  1. When I clean out, I also just take things directly to Goodwill (or our local equivalent). No trying to sell them at our consignment shop, etc., or they will hang in my closet for another year.

    Stuff that we hang on to way too long: a motley collection of laptops culled from the dump. This is Mr. ThreeYear’s hobby and once he’s got a laptop he’s really hard pressed to let it go. Sigh.

    I culled my scarf collection last year and let me tell you… it was challenging. I have three now. 🙂

    • THREE. THREE. How will I ever get down to three?

      When I go back to work, I’m going to keep track of what I actually wear and how often. I am so guilty of hanging onto clothes (and scarves!) because they’re nice/in great shape/pretty but never wearing them. Oops.

  2. I kept art books and a LARGE portfolio from college for years… OK decades. I haven’t used them but I lugged them from house to house in many moves. This weekend I finally passed on the books to someone who actually draws and sold the portfolio. It was like I had been carting around a very large reminder that I never became the designer I thought I would be. What a relief to let that go!

  3. I tried the MinsGame in January… But I didn’t actually finish it until June… It gets hard with the larger numbers and having a daily deadline… If I do a similar thing again, I’ll spread it out on to just the weekend days… Or make the daily amount smaller… It’s hard to find the time!

    Great work on what you’ve decluttered so far! 🙂

  4. I’m a big fan of decluttering (in the process myself at the moment), but the minsgame really annoys me for some reason. I think it’s partly the fact that it dictates the amount of decluttering based on date rather than how easy it is in the moment (What if I feel like getting rid of six items on day one? Or 12 items on day four?). I also don’t like that it leaves people feeling like a failure if they don’t get to day 30/31, rather than feeling successful for all the things they did get rid of.

    For me, personal mementos have been hard to let go of. I just decluttered my “memory box” this weekend, and I still had all my report cards and awards dating back to elementary school. But not anymore…they’re now all in the garbage, and I can now lift my “memory box” without straining my back.

  5. I decluttered a lot of t shirts and hats last year, but this past month I got rid of a TON of glassware, stemware, you name it. About 16 pint glasses (I still kept my 8 fav’s), 12 wine glasses, margarita glasses, pilsner glasses, and more. Essentially all the stuff we were given as gifts or I’d collected during grad school from “buy a pint for $2.50 and keep the glass” promotions at Woody’s. 🙂

    We got gifted some more stemless wine glasses and so the glassware purge began. Mrs. SSC was ruthless and I was over hearing about how much “extra” glassware we had, so we gave away a LOT.

  6. I’m impressed by your decluttering while trying to entertain a tiny human. I have no such excuse and haven’t decluttered, well, anything for weeks (or has it been months?). One thing I know I’m holding onto too long is my baseball memorabilia. None of it is especially valuable, but it’s all sentimental. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had a man cave to display it in, but instead it’s taking up a couple of boxes in the closet. Every once in a while I check out similar items on eBay to see if anything’s worth selling, but for the most part, it isn’t.

  7. Well done Penny! I still have my last two old cell phones stashed in a backpack because for some reason I hate getting rid of technology stuff. I keep telling myself I’m going to turn them into something cool but honestly, I can’t imagine I’ll ever make the time to actually do it.

    Ok, you convinced me – I’m gonna go put them in the electronics recycling box.

    Thanks for the inspiration Penny!

  8. You have made a lot of progress. I have been trying to declutter since the beginning of summer. I am thinking maybe just toss the boxes out and not even look through them.

    PS. I have about 25 scarves but I’m not a teacher and I have only worn two.

  9. Good job, Penny, especially on the stuffed animals (we are overrun as my MIL gives Little Bit one every other month or so.) Don’t let them take over your house!
    Our decluttering is a little stalled, although I did get rid of 2 pairs of pants that didn’t fit.I need to work on the paper, though. I noticed that since we’re back in school and Little Bit’s been on an art kick we have a ton of stuff to sort through and toss.

  10. I have a REALLY pretty strapless formal gown in the closet that I can’t quite make myself get rid of. It was a bridesmaid dress but also the only one that could definitely reworn. You know, to those black tie events that we attend. *eyeroll* PLUS there’s no way it’ll fit my post-pregnancy body, ever. It was tailored to my 00P size ten years ago. I’ve got to bid it goodbye. But I can’t just yet… Also I have a real camel wool floor length coat from the 40s that I can’t quite give up despite being slightly moth eaten. It was a hand me down from a grandma that I adore and … I bundled it up to keep forever even though I’m unlikely to wear it.

  11. I can totally relate on the basil plant — I’ve had probably close to half a dozen, and they never end well. XD

    In my basement, I have no less than four old notebooks/laptops in a box, the oldest probably circa 2008, and they are doing absolutely nothing except for collecting dust.

  12. I love the idea of alternating high-low number days! The first time I did this challenge it took me three months because once I got the high numbers, I wouldn’t do them until the weekend…I couldn’t face the challenge after a long day at work! I still consider it a win even though it took much more than the month to get through it. 🙂

    The second time, I managed to get through all 30 days in less than 30 days. It gets easier over time.

    Good luck (and definitely one house at a time)!

  13. A good strategy with clothes is to hang them up backwards. Then, when you use an item, hang it like you normally would. You will be able to see which items you use and those that you don’t and it will be evident. What I try to do is wear every item I have and if I don’t feel great in it, then it goes to Goodwill. I have some great finds at Goodwill, so I know that I can replace almost anything for super cheap.

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