1. $2.50 per person per day is extremely reasonable (read, ‘wonderfully cheap’)! To get a decent meal in a regular cafe, you end up paying around $5 so if you managed to pay half of that, kudos to you. As for tipping, I also make it a point to give a tip because waiters are so under-paid, but I recently saw a TV show where the host pointed out that our tips make it easier for restaurants and hotels to under-pay their staff because the tips tend to make up for the low salaries. Point to ponder!

    • Ha! Wonderfully cheap. I like it 🙂 It did work out very well. And I was shocked at the freshness. I think our timing helped a great deal. They were really just putting everything out when we showed up.

  2. $2.50 per person, per day AND crab legs?! That’s incredible! I am so happy to hear you had a great trip. The first & only time I’ve been to Vegas was actually last July for my best friend’s Bachelorette. There wasn’t much saving that took place (everything was pre-planned/paid in advanced per the MOH) so a lot of preparing prior to the trip was pretty essential (we did luck out on a killer deals for hotel & Cirque show due to bridesmaids’ connections)! My fiancé & I keep talking about going on an impromptu trip (flights from Eugene are incredibly low to Vegas), so if this happens we will need to start using the MyVegas apps!

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