• Yup. And squabbling over a few dollars isn’t going to make me rich or amend all the wasted money. I think it would be different if I was looking to do this as a career. I just want less stuff!

  1. Maureen

    Good strategy. I for one have decided to close my closet with almost 140k followers and over 1200 sales I’m just tired of it all the sharing and the constant issues with buyers. I just feel like it’s a huge time suck and people do t want to pay much for anything these days. I joined in 2013 and used to do really well on here to the point I sourced hundreds of items to keep up woth demand. I also found that smaller sizes do not sell well at all. If anyone knows of a platform for that I’d love to know. Thx for posting!

  2. I’ve noticed too there is just so much more supply on Poshmark now as the user base expanded. Buyers have more options, if they don’t like the price they’ll buy something else or find the same exact article of clothing and buy from whomever has the best price.

  3. Oh lordy, Poshmark is an interesting place. I buy on there and I assume that the offered price, or the discount they send after I’ve liked the item is a fair price. So many sellers “suddenly discovered it was the wrong listing” when I accepted their price. Ma’ams! Just list a truthful price and be done. I’m not here to play games. I’m trying to find the hot pink trousers in my size. And no, I don’t want to bundle something from your closet or an extra “thank you” with my purchase. I just want the item I picked. Sigh.

  4. Mike

    Here’s another thing as a buyer on Poshmark. If you don’t like or want to negotiate a price then this site isn’t for you. For me, the offer button opens up negotiating. The first price I offer may be a lowball offer but that is the lowest price I will pay. I expect you will come down further and I will counter higher.

  5. Rachael

    I really like this article! I sell on Poshmark mainly because I hate to give away nice clothes and things for free. I definitely do more shopping than selling on Poshmark and selling is simply a way to support my shopping habit.

    I don’t give lowball offers, but 99% of the time I give an offer instead of buying outright. It’s a huge turn off when sellers will post things like “Lowball offers will be blocked”. Blocked? Really? I get lowball offers too and understand how it can be annoying, but is it that hard to hit the decline button? I just don’t understand why people get so outraged about it.

    But I think it’s smart for you to remember your purpose of selling and remember that your pricing should not be based on what you paid for it, but what it’s worth. People will sell something for a ridiculous price (imo) when I go on the website and find the same item for less money. Now that Poshmark is required to collect sales tax and the shipping costs have risen, I have to add on average another $10 to my purchase which makes me rethink the purchase altogether and if I’m really saving money.

    Also (sorry I know this is going long) there is a risk associated with many items…will it fit me? am I going to like the color? will I actually wear this? Etc. So in financial terms, there is a discount associated with the risk. If it’s a brand I know and I know the sizing well etc, I will pay more because I know what I’m getting. But it it’s an item that I’m taking a gamble on the fit, color, quality, etc. I will expect to pay less for that item. These are basic financial concepts that apply to many other aspects of life.

    Anyway, all of that to say, I really liked your article!

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