1. Congrats on ‘failing’ and on your progress so far! I was thinking about this yesterday and how I often pressure myself to own the least amount of stuff as possible – as if that’s the goal of this whole minimalism thing. When I did the MinsGame, I took a different approach. I did one night of massive decluttering and ended up getting rid of over 400 things. For me, that was more sustainable than trying to find the right number of things on whatever day of the month it was. If you ever need a decluttering cheerleader- I’m here for you!!

  2. The only failures that truly damage you are the ones you refuse to acknowledge. Recognizing failure is the first step toward ultimately accomplishing what you’ve set out to do. In the immortal words of Dory (and if you don’t know who she is, you will as you and your family move through the Pixar movies), “just keep on swimming”. The rest kind of takes care of itself.

  3. kddomingue

    It’s no longer a “game” when it becomes a source of negative feelings and bad vibes. The “game” has morphed into an entirely different creature at that point….a creature that is more closely related to the dreaded “Keeping Up With the Joneses” . When decluttering starts making me feel anxious, depressed or stressed, I step back and take a breather. Some weeks I declutter like a maniac and some weeks only a thing or two. And when I start feeling anxious that I’ll never cross “the finish line” I remind myself of the story of the tortoise and the hare….the tortoise got there in his own good time!

  4. Re-homing 277 things sounds like a huge success to me! If that’s failure, I hope I fail all over the place this month. I think the important thing is to keep trying, at whatever pace is comfortable for you.

    PS – I may have to get on Instagram just to see all these shoes. I cannot even imagine 200 pairs. Then again, you probably can’t imagine how much baseball memorabilia I have. 🙂

  5. I’m constantly struggling with this and yes, like you, often failing. I read the Marie Kondo book last year and got all fired up about it. I made some progress, but am always fighting against my old habits.

    The struggle is real. Keep at it. After reading your post, I’m now going to cruise the house and look for 3 more things to throw out. #babysteps

  6. “Progress over perfection” has been one of my biggest lessons in our Nothing New Year challenge this year. I have a tendency to look at the failures we’ve had in a really negative light, but thankfully my wife reminds me that we’ve accomplished a lot of good by taking on the challenge and we’ve bought less than half as many new items this year as we did last year.

    277 items is a huge accomplishment – congrats on the progress!

  7. Jennifer Brown

    Great progress! I am loving my local “Buy nothing” FB page, re homing items that cause me stress and blessing another…. Bliss!

  8. Being kind to yourself and not holding yourself up to such intense scrutiny is a good thing. I began the process of managing my late father’s paperwork. He literally kept every single paystub since 1977. In the appropriate file, but was that necessary to have? No. I’m using dealing with his paper as an excuse to push myself on my own. I have more paperwork than the IRS will ever be able to request. It is time to begin shredding. I don’t want to move with that again.

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