1. Wow! This is beautiful! I do believe in writing thank you cards and I can’t imagine how powerful it is for a child to receive a card from a teacher for their gift.

    A great reminder to make sure to practice more thankfullness in our lives

    • Thanks, Robyn! I hope it means something to them. I think some of them are disappointed when money or something doesn’t fall out of the card…because they seem to only recognize cards as birthday cards! LOL

      But I do hope it makes an impact!

  2. Julie Fisher

    I love this so much! I’m a huge advocate for thank you notes and taught our daughters to write them for every gift or experience. I’m so happy to hear you are modeling this for your students! I bet they never forget how you made them feel! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks so much, Julie! I can’t say that it makes an impact on all of them, but even if it just reaches one kiddo a year, I will be so pleased!

  3. jan

    I am a HUGE believer in thank you cards. I have my kids write them after holidays and birthdays. There is something so simple in just taking a moment to say “thank you”.

    We say thank you all the time. Another hotly debated online topics is thanking our spouses for helping out around the house. We both thank each other daily when a chore gets done. I even thank my kids for doing their chores. Even though they are expected and required of them, I also want them to realize that in doing their chores they are helping the family and house run better and we see it. Every time.


    • I agree with all of this! I thank my toddler and my husband. I also thank my students. To me, it’s like you said–it’s a way to let other people know they are seen and appreciated!

  4. I’d never heard of a “golden birthday” until today, alas, too late 😀

    Beautiful thank you cards would be the BEST gift! I adore stationery but especially thank you cards because we also write thank you cards a lot here and I’ve had JB roped into it ever since they were interested in scrawling a semblance of a signature.

    We say thank you verbally of course but I also require a thank you card for every gift given when the person wasn’t around to thank in person. I think that’s reasonable for this age, since they still had to write about ten thank you cards for Christmas alone.

  5. Mrs Thompson

    I agree 100%! I always write”Thank You” notes, and insist on my girls doing the same.
    Sidebar: my youngest is in 5th grade. She received a “Thank You” card from her kindergarten teacher that I am forbidden to ever throw away ☺️

  6. This is so cool!! I did not really care for thank you notes/cards until my wife forced me to do it for our wedding guests. She made me write a small note for my side of the family/friends to say something funny or unique. And to my surprise, most of them got back to me saying how nice of me to write back to them. Your right, practicing gratitude is very important and not talked about a lot.

  7. You aren’t alone! I write them too and find joy in it. A close family member taught me the importance before she passed and it’s like I’m keeping her legacy alive. Dollar tree is extremely reasonable for buying cards. Glad you do this for your students!!

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