1. What a good month Penny! I’ve had a very productive day on Poshmark. Three items sold in less then 12 hours. But, they’ve been up for weeks lol so I guess it was just their time. I’ve also been on a DIY tear to reuse stuff that I know won’t sell and that I don’t want to burden on our local donation center (my clothing scrap curtain rod has been a particular triumph). Here’s to cleaning out our homes and closets before the start of a new year (the academic in me just gets so excited for September).

  2. I don’t really feel like I am ever DONE decluttering. It’s more of an ongoing process, especially when you have kids.

    They are forever outgrowing clothes/toys/bikes/books and then they need to be passed on to someone else.

    Pretty much every summer, I do a declutter of my house from top to bottom, and that keeps it fairly manageable, in combo with here and there decluttering throughout the year.

  3. Hannah

    We’re consistently the recipients of wonderful hand-me-downs, gifts, and trash picks, so I don’t feel any impulse to sell our old things. I keep a few diaper boxes by our front door. When I pull clean clothes out of the drawer that don’t fit one of the kids, I automatically refold and put them in the diaper box (keeping clothes aligned to sizes- such as 6 month clothes in one box and six year old clothes in the other). When I see the box starting to fill, I start asking anyone who appears to have a slightly smaller kid if they want a box of hand-me-downs. Usually, we find takers.

    Aside from a crib, we kept nothing from baby to baby, and we’ve always had more than we could ever want or need for babyhood. YMMV, but if baby #2 is still a weak maybe, consider getting rid of the baby items.

  4. Kay

    Wow! Sounds like you had a SUPER productive July!!!

    I actually love to declutter! My mom always called it “junking out.” Even when we were little kids, she’d send us to our rooms with a black trash bag and a laundry basket. Items that were too worn or broken, we’d put in the black trash bag, and anything we weren’t playing with or using would go into the laundry basket and be donated. She started us on this pretty young and it’s really stuck with me as an adult.

    We are pretty limited for space, so I limit my toddler to two large clear storage containers – one for blocks, one for the rest. Books hang out in out TV stand in the living room because we read books before bed on the couch in the evening.

    Cleaning and sorting is pretty therapeutic for me and I find my mental state is a lot clearer and brighter when my apartment is neat and orderly.

    My ex-spouse was a teacher, so I can understand the motivation to get things straightened out and orderly before the busyness of the school year.

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