1. Sounds like an interesting book. I like that it takes a different approach to help people understand their beliefs around money.

    I checked my library and they don’t have the ebook, but it looks like the Kindle version is only $2.99 right now. Definitely going to check it out!

  2. This book sounds very interesting–it’s on my list now!

    The book that made the most impact for me was Your Money or Your Life. It validated a lot of the feelings I’d had and gave me the confidence to stop comparing myself to others and trying to keep up. It helped to articulate a philosophy that had been there all along but I couldn’t explain.
    Marie Kondo’s decluttering books are a close second. While technically not finance books, learning to love what you have and stop wanting more for the sake of more sure do help save money, and they help the environment too.

  3. Checking out It Is Only Money when I’m done typing – love the idea of looking at finances through cultures/religions! I agree with Julie that Your Money or Your Life was the big “aha” for me. I had to read it a few times to make sure I “got it” – but when I did, it was life changing. I need to check out the Kondo books to on decluttering too! Maybe it’s just the teacher in us, but I just previewed Jim (JL) Collin’s book – The Simple Path to Wealth and when I got done reading it I totally related it to being in class with my favorite high school teacher/college professor. A great book for all ages too – and with a little off color language and a few jokes, it might keep my teens’ attention too.

  4. This book sounds fascinating. I also am the woman who always analyzes books based on the gender assumptions, and the race assumptions, and class, and disability, and on and on.

    Socratic method is an amazing method for truly learning.

    • I couldn’t get over that in Babylon. I kept trying to decide if women were written (or ignored) the way they were as a reflection of the society he was describing…or because of the time at which the book was written!

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