1. I’ve been getting “a notice to appear in court” via email….from a gmail account. Yeah, that’s plausible.

    I will say that the IRS keeps a list of “Dirty Dozen” tax scams and frauds. (I do hang out on their web site, because I’m doing tax prep this season.) It’s worth checking. Also, Clark Howard posts anti fraud articles often (I follow him on Facebook), and Snopes is a good reference for all kinds of misinformation.

    The main thing is if something doesn’t feel right, do a little research. Scam artists apply pressure and try to get you to decide on a course of action immediately, but most legit authorities don’t work that fast.

    • You’re so right about that pressure, Emily. I’m positive they feel that if they can be authoritative enough, people will be too panicked to do anything other that comply. It’s really sad. I try to imagine what my grandmother would have done had she ever received a phone call like that. I’m fairly certain she would have called my mom right away, but I know she’d be just beside herself.

    • I’m happy to hear it did help to report it. I haven’t received a call back from the scammers. I did also include a little PS in both of my reports that it would be nice to have this information communicated to the masses rather than waiting for people to go search for it.

  2. In my part of the world, scams reach potential victims via calls and more recently, SMS. From those looking for free load credits to those who want instant cash by informing someone that they won a big prize from a government-sponsored contest (to get their prize, they had to pay some fee first). Give me an example of a scam and they’ve done it here. I can also smell these desperate crazies from a mile away with the way they compose their tricky messages. Reporting scams to proper authorities and getting more people aware is very important.

  3. I love that smart phones and google phone numbers make it so easy to block numbers these days. I’ve definitely had scammers call me, and I get my stern voice out and mention legal action on my part due to the no call list and other random legal jargon.

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