• Right?! If there’s something you already buy that’s on the list, it’s amazing how fast it adds up. I did once see a woman at Jewel with only Ibotta items in her cart. It was like blackberries, kombucha, baggies, yogurt, etc. I was thinking, Uhhh…not worth it!

  1. That’s so neat! I haven’t used Ibotta but have thought about it multiple times. I am usually old school on cash back for the holidays, but use my Freedom credit card to make all purchases. During the holiday season they have 5% cash back through Amazon. If I’m not buying local, I purchase through Amazon and get that 5% back.

    • I think that’s why I like best about Ibotta – doesn’t matter how you pay, just scan the receipt. I’ve even used it when I had store credits or dining out gift cards. The 5% cash back from Amazon is a great deal.

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