1. Shopping, Swagbucks (surveys, videos, etc), investing, entering contests…but like you, not really blogging. The biggest way I “make” money online is reading stuff that makes me not waste it.

  2. I love ittttt. We use a 2.5% cashback rewards credit card to earn extra moolah. This is our first year using this card, but I anticipate we’ll rack up $700 in points. We use these rewards at the end of the year to buy Christmas presents for family–it’s our way of saving for the holidays all year. 🙂

    I also make a good chunk of money doing freelance writing through Upwork. I’m not getting rich or anything, but it’s a great way for me to make a few bucks here and there with time would have otherwise spent in front of the TV.

  3. Most of the money I make online comes through my blog. Most of that is sponsored posts, which I wish I could get away from, but it’s easy money! I was earning about $100 month from Amazon Associates, but they kicked me out of that program… (grr!).

    I’ve been doing survey’s a lot again lately, since there’s a lot of downtime at my desk job. They don’t generate a lot of money though…

    I really should look into things like Ebates or something like that that work for offline purchases since I never shop online.

  4. Hey, Penny. I’m not making any money with blogging either. We tried Adsense and Amazon’s affiliate program for about six months and that proved utterly worthless. So we dropped them and haven’t reconsidered. We’ve also been approached about banner adds and sponsored posts. But none of the people making these requests had anything to promote that we really cared about. Mrs. G and I are resigned to the possibility that our blog just may not be suited to generating income. And that’s okay. We started blogging to share our story and connect with others. We didn’t start blogging to make money. In the near future, we’ll make some money online with Craigslist. If everything goes a planned, we’ll be moving up to the Wake Forest area of NC next year, and there’s a whole mess of furniture and stuff that we don’t want to take with us.

  5. The amount of money people miss out on by not using cashback sites! Also with selling stuff, I made a drastic change to switch from eBay to Amazon FBA, once I knew I had a baby on the way. It’s such an efficient way of selling, if you can find enough stock to make it worth your while

  6. Online tutoring is the biggest earner for me right now. I collect some VERY modest earnings from my blog, Swagbucks, and freelance writing (when I find time).

    It’s pretty awesome how there are so many ways to earn money on the internet. I truly believe that anyone can find a way to increase their income (even marginally) with their computer, or phone.

  7. Quite similar! Swagbucks, MyPoints, ebates & MrRebates (though these two are really just reducing spending rather than making money), investing with Ally, saving cash funds with good interest rates with Ally, investing in taxable accounts at Vanguard for myself and in our 529. Periodically I might make a wee bit of change from Google ads and Amazon, but that’s much less regular. I might make a few bucks selling with Poshmark. We Craigslist things as and when we work through our stashes of stuff. I think that’s everything?

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