1. This is a great side hustle for people who are teachers at heart, and have patience. I’ve trained people at work before and it gets pretty repetitive on a daily basis. 1K a month for a side hustle is awesome.

    • I’m fortunate that I don’t tutor too many students who are in the same grade level…and none have the same teacher. So we’re usually working on different things. You’re right on about that needing patience piece.

  2. I’ve considered getting into tutoring, after all I was planning to become a teacher before my career took a different direction. But I haven’t quite decided to take the plunge yet. If I do, these tips will definitely help…I had no idea that finding a niche was better than trying to cover a little bit of everything, but it makes sense.

    • Go for it, Gary! It is so rewarding – I have, and will continue, to do it for free. Of course, it’s a great income stream too. I’d love to chat when you’re getting going. I’d be happy to share some resources and ideas. As far as specializing, I thought it was a bit counterintuitive, too. But it’s worked SO well for me!

  3. Your comment about tutoring by Skype or Google Hangouts is really exciting. That could broaden your prospects tremendously. Potentially you might tutor a small group of students, especially if they have difficulty finding someone qualified in their area.

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