1. We plan to spend gobs of money this holiday season. 🙂 The kicker is that we use our credit card cashback rewards to pay for all of these gifts. Starting in November of every year, we tally our rewards points, divide them by the total amount of gift recipients, and set a per person gift budget.

    The result is a zero budget impact from Christmas and we’re able to give generously without worry. 🙂

    • Yes! I generally try to do this (except for the one December when we went to Vegas on that money instead LOL). This year, I saved all my “app money” too. I’m excited to add it up and see where we get.

      You know I’m going to bug you to put this in the Google Form so I can share it properly 😉

  2. Your perspective is so refreshing, Penny! For casa Tiny Ambitions, we don’t spend a lot of money on gifts, but we spend a heck of a lot on travel and hotels and AirBnbs to be near our families over the holidays.

    • Yes! And when I was combing through the “ghastly” holiday spending numbers, a lot of that IS included. I don’t know why I have to apologize for bringing pie and wine to Thanksgiving dinner and putting gas in the car to get there and back. It’s in my budget, I swear! 😉

  3. As someone who has done Buy Nothing Day almost every year for over 20 years, your thoughts on it are really interesting (That sounds kind of condescending, which is not how I intend it!). I think ideally it shouldn’t be about shaming anyone for their financial decisions or forcing people to participate, particularly people who are struggling financially and benefit from the good deals on the day. For me, I think it ideally ties into the popular PF/FI principles of being mindful with your spending and recognizing the limits of material things for creating happiness. I choose to do it most years (as long as I remember) as a way of reflecting on my spending habits and on the things that are most important to me during the holiday season.

    (I wrote a post about it last year…which basically uses more words to say what I said here! http://solitarydiner.blogspot.com/2017/11/looking-ahead-to-buy-nothing-day.html)

    • Thanks for the link! I’m headed there now.

      My first year of blogging, I got really caught up in passing judgment on my Black Friday friends. But then I realized that wasn’t the point of me getting better with my money. I think we have a holiday plan that works well for us, but who am I to tell anyone how to celebrate and spend (or save)?

  4. Really like your money motivation, we all can spend our money however we want. Doesn’t matter what others have to say about how to spend YOUR money. We like to provide tips on ways to save and all that but at the end of the day its your money, do what you like with it and hopefully you will be able to manage your spendings.

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