1. Woohoo all around! Great thinking with going the no-gifts route. I love that idea! I’ve presented something similar to my fam, but that’s how you’re quickly labeled the Un-fun Frugal Grinch around these parts. I’ll keep trying. 😉

    A good win for us: we paid for all Christmas gifts using cashback points. Everything is wrapped and under the tree, we’re under budget, and it feels good!

    • I love that you have everything wrapped. I have two half-wrapped presents. We did an early Christmas with a relative who will be out-of-state for the holidays, and HP learned to unwrap presents.

      Now he thinks he should unwrap all the presents all the time everywhere 😉

  2. Sometimes you cannot buy for everyone! When we were saving for our house my husband and I told our parents we wouldn’t be spending much on Christmas that year. I love the spreadsheet idea, I might try that out!

  3. Mine aren’t anything huge, but I do have a few:
    My M-I-L collects a certain pattern of vintage silverware. Instead of buying it from Replacements LTD. (I love them, totally not bashing them here), I’ve been slowly buying various pieces off of ebay all year. It’s much cheaper that way, and we have a really nice gift that I think she’ll really like. I’ve done the same thing with a vintage china pattern she collects.
    I signed up for emails from some of the stores my sister’s gifts usually come from (we’re not at all into the same things so there’s zero temptation for me to shop for anything other than her Christmas gifts) so I’ve been able to use various promo codes for discounts, free shipping, etc. throughout the year.
    We’re giving our neighbors some gourmet chocolates that they love for Christmas. I compared the individual prices for everything to the gift set I was looking at for them, and discovered that it was $6.00 cheaper to buy the items individually. I always stock up on wrapping paper and gift bags after Christmas, so I’ll be able to wrap it up (much cuter!) for way less than $6.00.
    Nothing huge, but every little bit helps.

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