Holiday Money Wins Part 2

How to win at money over the holidays

It’s officially December! Though it’s hard to tell. Why do I say that? According to my email, it’s Cyber Monday…AGAIN!

While this time of year can get a bit overwhelming, there’s so much to celebrate. Family, friends, delicate lights a house that looks like the Griswolds in training, the first twelfth snowfall of the season.

And money.

Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of money wins to make. And celebrate we will. Why? Because honestly, if you aren’t just coasting into the new year, if you’re making money magic happen now, I am impressed. And happy. And proud.

So what am I celebrating besides my undying love for the cheesiest of Hallmark movies? We hit a big mortgage milestone. Our debt is officially under $125,000!

I also found a $10 rebate debit card from some boozy something-or-other I bought for HP’s birthday party over the summer. That rebate is going to top off our Christmas gift fund. $10 doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I actually made it a goal to dedicate all of our app savings and a cashback card to our Christmas fund last January.

And Christmas is PAID FOR IN FULL!

So, yeah, that $10 was pretty great.

But honestly, why stop with one celebration? Here are three more money wins from Patricia, Owning the Stars, and Amanda in the UK!


What is your money win?

The system in my family is that we buy one nominal gift for each person–this year is a fun food item–and then put the rest of the money in a pot to divide evenly among us. Then, we buy ourselves a big present. This year, my big present will be startup costs for my side business.

Why are you pumped?

While my startup costs are nominal, they still exist, so it’s great that I can use Christmas money for this.

What can others learn from it?

Don’t keep doing the same thing, long after everyone has outgrown it.

Penny’s note – How brilliant is this? I love that everyone can get something they truly want or need!

Elizabeth – Owning the Stars

What is your money win?

This year, I started planning way ahead of time because I wanted to give handmade gifts instead of spending a lot of money. I bought alpaca yarn in Peru for $3 a skein (insanely cheap), and I’m knitting my best friend and her husband matching scarves!

Why are you pumped?

I’m not spending lots of money on their gift, but it’s something really nice and thoughtful–I know they’ll love it. It’s a double win because if I had bought that yarn in the US, it would have cost way more!

What can others learn from it?

You can give low-cost gifts that are still really nice. Last year, I made homemade sugar scrub for relatives, and it was a huge hit. If you plan a little in advance, it’s possible to give something great without breaking the bank.

Penny’s note – A long, long time ago, I tried to take up knitting. In fact, I decided that I would knit for an entire plane ride to Arizona. After having nothing to show for a four-hour flight, my aunt took my knitting needles and bought me a scarf. What’s the moral? Find your wheelhouse to keep DIY costs down. I love to bake different breads as gifts!

Amanda in the UK

What is your money win?

I saved £39.66 by querying my car insurance renewal cost.

Why are you pumped?

It’s now costing me £6 than last year!

What can others learn from it?

If something has increased by much more than the rate of inflation, ask to have it reduced – but always in a courteous manner. It could work wonders!

Penny’s note – Um. I needed this reminder dearly. Even if this isn’t holiday-specific, I can get so lax with easy money wins like this during this time of year. I put a note in my planner to price-shop some of our fixed expenses over winter break!


Final Thoughts on Holiday Money Wins

There’s hustle and bustle, and glitter…and even more glitter. It’s easy to get caught up in the fervor of the holidays.

Still, there are plenty of ways to win with money. Whether it’s thinking hard about the gifts you give (make instead of buy!) or the ways in which you give (Patricia’s money pot!), there are ways to save. If not this year, it’s at least something to consider for the next holiday season.

And even if it isn’t holiday themed, there are still plenty of wins, like price shopping or even requesting price adjustments/reductions, that will put some extra jingle in your pocket at the end of the year.

So Tell Me…Do you have a holiday money win? Drop me a line here to be featured!

PS – Don’t miss any of the other money wins. The whole series is right here!

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  1. My money win this holiday season is committing to purchasing all Christmas gifts with money I make selling stuff I already have. I finally downloaded Mercari and have been selling stuff i am not using. You will be surprised how much you can get rid of when you start looking in your house and closet. So far, I am $142 richer and counting. Goal is to hit $500 within the next two weeks. Thanks for a great post.

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