1. I’ve never liked gum – in fact, it’s kinda a pet peeve of mine. Listening to people chew gum, even when just sitting in the car with them, can be excruciating! And then you gotta do something with it once it’s lost all of its flavor. I want to meet the guy or gal who invented gum, then punch him or her squarely in the face. Bad, bad!

    I must admit that I LOVE Yankee candles. When we’re ever in a store like Walgreens (or any other store that sells candles), you will usually find me in the candle aisle sniffing all the candles. I love smelling candles, and I’m always amazed at how intoxicating those smells can be.

    Honestly, I don’t know if I have a guilty pleasure any more. I have a massive sweet tooth and can eat pure, sugary frosting straight out of the can (if store-bought) – I guess that’s a guilty pleasure. Mmm, frosting.

  2. I have only recently kicked my bottled water habit. It started when I was trying to lose weight and went from drinking no water to 48 ounces a day. The water where I worked tasted awful, and I also loved the convenience of knowing exactly how much more I needed to drink to reach my goal. So I embarked on an almost 20 year habit of drinking mostly bottled water, even after I no longer was trying to drink so much of it or spent so much time in places with gross-tasting water. I’ve only kicked it in the last 6 months.

    I get my hair dyed professionally every 6 weeks. Home dye jobs give me a rash, and I’m awfully gray without the dye job. Before I started getting it regularly dyed, people were asking if my daughter was my granddaughter.

    • Good for you for kicking the bottled water habit. I hear you on the hair dye. Friends ask me if I notice any grays yet – my plan is to just keep going, so I don’t notice 😉 It’s a really light blonde hair, right?!

  3. “It makes me happy”, is a great reason and really the only reason you need for a discretionary spend. However, how do you know where to draw the line? For me it’s always been a mindful understanding of my income and bills. If I know I’m financially “solid”, then I can go ahead and go to a nice dinner or splurge on other “it makes me happy” purchases.

    What are your thoughts on where to draw the line? What’s the best way to find balance between saving, budgets, and still taking some money to simply spend?

    • I try to never spend just to spend. But I think it’s so important to carve out some fun money every month. It makes sticking to a budget easier. I’m thinking more and more that’s what I’ll use my tip jar at Tip Yourself for!

  4. Ha, I actually talk about this in my post today. One is a fair amount of discretionary spending.

    A couple of suggestions (which may or may not work for you). Look into beauty schools. Definitely check into reviews or whatever. I chose one because they used higher end products, which I considered a good sign. Sure enough, I’ve been going there for 5 years now. I get a cut and color for $30, and they don’t allow tipping.

    That said, I did try another school, a little closer to our house. I was just getting a cut. The one I got was cute, but it came to my ear lobes when I’d asked for an inch or two above my shoulder. So all schools aren’t created equal, and you need to research.

    And if you’re not comfortable with a beauty school, that’s totally understandable. Just a thought.

    Inre: cable. If your husband watches a lot of sports on cable, you can probably disregard this one. But when we were trying to decide whether to move to Hulu, I wrote down a list of our favorite shows/channels. (It was long. We’re at home most of the time.) Then I checked Hulu to see which ones were on there. We lost out on USA shows, which is a shame. Walking Dead comes on Netflix streaming, so that’s just a matter of patience. Otherwise, there was no difference.

    So if you want to convince him, show him a list of what you’d actually lose out on. Assuming ESPN isn’t one of his favorite channels. In that case, keep indulging him.

    • Trying out a beauty school is a wonderful idea! There is one animal/history/swamp people channel (I forget which one…because they’re all the same?!) that we supposedly would miss out on. That’s his big sticking point. Since we’re Chicago fans, sports has been an easy thing to ignore this year (womp womp).

  5. Rue

    At 70$ for highlights, that’s a great price. I lucked out by keeping friends at a hair salon I apprenticed at, so most times my hair is done at a great discount (I overtip though…I feel less guilty about that.)
    I follow a lot of beauty/lifestyle blogs. I’ll admit to spending a lot on makeup and such, but these guys take it to the next level and then some. The haul videos? Omg.

    • My hope for those haul videos is that they’re c/o products. That’s a lot of cash to shell out otherwise. As for leaving a big tip, I wouldn’t feel guilty about that either. What an awesome resource to have a friend at a hair salon.

  6. Even though I’ve cut out the vast majority of my routine Starbucks spending on the weekends, my past staycation was a much, much much different story. Like a $6-drink-every-day story. That new toasted graham latte is gooooood.

    All in all, I probably spent upwards of $35 on coffee that one week alone, but it was SO good and SO savoured and made the vacation feel like a true vacation, even as I went back home to work on my website, haha. Every once in a while, I’m all about the guilty pleasure lattes.

  7. I did actually give up gum! And I know what you mean: it loses its flavor so quickly…which for me meant that I could go through a whole pack in an afternoon!
    I’d say right now my “guilty as charged” recurring purchases are: 1) expensive mascara, and 2) yoga classes.

  8. Kate

    Hah! I love that you included gum. I visited my mom this week, and the first thing I asked was for a piece of gum. She always has two flavors in her purse. I haven’t bought any since my first year of college. And even then, I think I bought one pack before realizing, “Holy crap, that’s a lot of money to spend for something you chew for 5 minutes!”

    My guilty pleasure is high quality dessert. Basically, I’ve spoiled myself by eating Godiva. Now Hershey just doesn’t hit the spot. Luckily, the Godiva store in the mall is pretty far from where we live, so I don’t splurge often.

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